A list of the installed apps in the ROM for the Verizon Nexus Prime has been leaked, and they are unsurprisingly bloat free! OK. That's not surpring since it's a Nexus device, but surprising because it's Verizon. Some of us (cough) thought would never happen.

(And I'm required by law and/or Phil to point out that we first brought Verizon into the Nexus equation way back in June.)

We have no idea of the validity or source of this one -- or just how finished a build it might have been pulled from -- but we're going to go on assumption that a device tester was able to get the info out there, and let's all hope it's final.  It's a long list, and we want to discuss some of it, so hit the break and play along.

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Source: My Droid World

The Verizon-ware free list:

  • ApplicationsProvider.apk
  • BIP.apk
  • BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk
  • Bluetooth.apk
  • BooksTablet.apk
  • BrowserGoogle.apk
  • Calculator.apk
  • CalendarGoogle.apk
  • CalendarProvider.apk
  • CameraGoogle.apk
  • CertInstaller.apk
  • ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk
  • Contacts.apk
  • ContacsProvider.apk
  • DefaultContainerService.apk
  • DeskClockGoogle.apk
  • DownloadProvider.apk
  • DownloadProviderUi.apk
  • DrmProvider.apk
  • EmailGoogle.apk
  • ExchangeGoogle.apk
  • FaceLock.apk
  • Galaxy4.apk
  • GalleryGoogle.apk
  • GenieWidget.apk
  • Gmail.apk
  • GoogleBackupTransport.apk
  • GoogleContactSyncAdapter.apk
  • GoogleEarth.apk
  • GoogleFeedback.apk
  • GoogleLoginService.apk
  • GooglePackageVerifier.apk
  • GooglePartnerSetup.apk
  • GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
  • GoogleServicesFramework.apk
  • GoogleTTS.apk
  • HTMLVierwer.apk
  • HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk
  • IMSFramework.apk
  • KeyChain.apk
  • LatinIMEDictionaryPack.apk
  • LatinImeGoogle.apk
  • Launcher2.apk
  • LiveWallpapers.apk
  • LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
  • Maps.apk
  • MarketUpdater.apk
  • MediaProvider.apk
  • MediaUploader.apk
  • Microbes.apk
  • Music2.apk
  • MusicFX.apk
  • NetworkLocation.apk
  • NfcGoogle.apk
  • NoiseField.apk
  • OneTimeInitializer.apk
  • PackageInstaller.apk
  • PhaseBeam.apk
  • Phone.apk
  • Phonesky.apk
  • PlusOne.apk
  • SDM.apk
  • Settings.apk
  • SettingsProvider.apk
  • SetupWizard.apk
  • SoundRecorder.apk
  • Stk.apk
  • Street.apk
  • SyncMLSvc.apk
  • SystemUI.apk
  • TagGoogle.apk
  • Talk.apk
  • TelephoneProvider.apk
  • Thinkfree.apk
  • UserDictionaryProvider.apk
  • VZWAPNlib.apk
  • VZWAPNService.apk
  • Videos.apk
  • VisualizationWallpapers.apk
  • VoicDialer.apk
  • VoiceSearch.apk
  • VpnDialogs.apk
  • YouTube.apk

A few things here really stick out.  From the top:

ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk -- it looks like the Honeycomb browser Chrome bookmarks sync has been ported to phones, and we couldn't be happier.  No more worrying about backups or adding hundreds of bookmarks manually.

FaceLock.apk -- At the Google I/O keynote, Vic G. mentioned that Google had worked out facial recognition software that worked really well, but Google would never use it after it realized how it could be abused. (That conversation couldn't have taken long.)  We're thinking this has been used to provide some sort of facial tracking (like you see on a point-and-shoot digital camera) to help focus and picture stabilization for video chat.

Galaxy4.apk -- could be a live wallpaper, or some other goodie baked into the homescreen.  I'm going with live wallpaper, only because my gut says we need a new (and good) one.

GoogleEarth.apk -- like we saw with the Nexus S, Google Earth is baked in.  Hopefully this is the first step towards a unified Google Maps/Google Earth mashup with navigation.

HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk -- the live wallpaper from Honeycomb.

MusicFX.apk -- finally a digital EQ for Android?  Let's hope so!

NfcGoogle.apk -- we assumed that the next Nexus would support NFC, and this pretty much seals it.

NoiseField.apk, PhaseBeam.apk, Phonesky.apk -- these are tricky.  Could it be more wallpapers or desktop effects?  Or something we just haven't thought of yet?  We'll likely know at Unpacked.

Of course the most interesting thing about this list is what's not there -- Blockbuster_Something_evil.apk, CityID_release.apk, etc.  We've been fighting that sort of thing with every phone to come out of Verizon's stores since the OG Droid, and are ready to see them go out of the ROM and into the Market where they belong.  Let's all pool our good thoughts together, and direct some positive energy towards San Diego, and hope that this stays true.