'Supervised Users' feature coming to Chrome Beta channel

Google has announced a new feature for Chrome, and it's part of the beta channel for users who want to try it this week. The "Supervised Users" option will be folded into ChromeOS, as well as the Chrome browser on Windows Mac and Linux. it does just what it says on the tin — allows user accounts that can be access restricted.

Supervised users will not be required to sign in with a Google account, and the administrator can grant or deny access to any site — or even allow browsing to only white-listed sites. The admin panel is web-based at chrome.com/manage, where rules can be set and browsing history can be peeked at by the authenticated administrator. The new tools and website will be part of the beta channel update later this week.

This is great news for parents of young children, as well as Kiosk applications. We'll be giving this one a look when it pushes out.

Source: Google

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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