Studioform Creative Quest Deluxe Strap review: The best $20 you can spend on your Oculus Quest

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Bottom line: This Quest Deluxe Head Strap redistributes the weight of your Oculus Quest, reducing pressure points and enabling comfortable extended playing sessions.


  • +

    Redistributes weight well

  • +

    Is made of soft fabric

  • +

    Makes the Oculus Quest more comfortable


  • -

    Can be finicky to size correctly

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The Oculus Quest is Facebook's best standalone headset, bringing mobility and freedom to the Oculus platform. Because it doesn't require a PC or phone, it's easy to grab the Oculus Quest and play it anywhere. I've found myself using my Oculus Quest frequently since it shipped, and I often find myself lost in games, not realizing how long I've been playing. I've never found the Oculus Quest particularly uncomfortable, but it can cause pressure on your cheeks. Its front-heavy design can gradually add discomfort to your face during longer play sessions. The Studioform Creative Quest Deluxe Strap aims to alleviate that discomfort.

The Quest Deluxe Strap adds a padded horizontal strap over the top of your head. It slots under the top of the Quest's head strap and wraps around the side of the Quest's head strap. You can adjust the Studioform Quest Deluxe Strap with velcro to get the perfect fit. When set up correctly, the Quest Deluxe Strap alleviates pressure from your cheeks, redistributes the weight of the Oculus Quest more evenly across your head, and makes the headset feel lighter on your face.

What you'll love about the Quest Deluxe Head Strap

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I've never been upset with my Oculus Quest's comfort level, so I wasn't sure how much the Quest Deluxe Head Strap from Studioform Creative would help. To my surprise, it makes a noticeable difference in the comfort of my headset and also helps me play in VR longer.

The design is simple. It's a long rectangle filled with padding. The outside is a soft, slightly ribbed material that is easy to velcro things to. To attach the head strap, you just wrap it around the sides of the Quest's built-in strap and velcro the Quest Deluxe Head Strap into place. You can attach an optional velcro piece to the top of the Quest Deluxe Head Strap to help ensure it fits on your head correctly in the future.

It doesn't feel like much, but the Quest Deluxe really does make being in VR way more comfortable.

When I tightened the head strap for the first time, it instantly pulled pressure off my face and redistributed it across my head. I have a fairly large head, so there's a lot of area to spread the weight across. The fabric on the outside of the head strap is soft, pliable, and adds some cushioning to the top of the headset's strap. It took some time for me to figure out how to get the right fit, but since I figured it out, I've kept the Quest Deluxe Head Strap on my Oculus Quest and will keep it on the device after wrapping up this review.

The Quest Deluxe Head Strap was a pleasant little surprise for me. It makes longer sessions in games more comfortable, which allows me to enjoy more Robo Recall missions or songs in Beat Saber without having to take a break.

What you may dislike about the Quest Deluxe Head Strap

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Once I fit the Quest Deluxe Head Strap correctly, it noticeably increased the comfort of my device, but getting the strap to fit correctly took some time. I had to figure out how to make it fit at the correct angle and how to make sure it was snug without being too tight. If you tighten the Quest Deluxe Head Strap too much, it raises the Oculus Quest too high on your head. In an ideal setting, the bottom of the back of the Oculus Quest's built-in strap should fit below the bump on the back of your skull. The Quest Deluxe Head Strap has a bit of width to it, so you need to loosen your Oculus Quest's built-in head strap to get the right fit.

The head strap doesn't have much elasticity, which is good for when it's in use, but makes it a bit difficult to size correctly each time you put it on. I've found that I need to detach the velcro, put on the Oculus Quest with the Quest Deluxe Headstrap loose, and then tighten and velcro the head strap every time I use it. This adds an extra step to putting on my Oculus Quest, but I feel it's worth it.

Should you buy the Quest Deluxe Head Strap?

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One mark of a good device or product is that a reviewer would continue to use it after a review is finished. Another is if a reviewer would spend his or her own money to purchase the device. The Studioform Creative Quest Deluxe Head Strap passes both of these tests. I absolutely plan to use this head strap going forward and would pay the $20 price tag for one.

4.5 out of 5

I'm currently testing a wide range of Oculus Quest accessories, so make sure to check back in to see which accessories are worth adding to your Oculus Quest.

Sean Endicott