YouTube TV starts a delicious NFL Sunday Ticket sale for Thanksgiving

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What you need to know

  • YouTube TV has launched a Thanksgiving Day sale for the NFL Sunday ticket, marking down its monthly and one-time payments by almost half.
  • YouTube TV basic members and Primetime channel subscribers each experience reduced monthly and singular payments for Sunday Ticket and the RedZone bundle.
  • This Thanksgiving sale is running concurrently with the service's 50% off sale.

YouTube is running a new promotion for the NFL Sunday Ticket just in time for the holidays — and the rest of the 2023 season.

In the name of Thanksgiving, YouTube TV is marking down its NFL Sunday Ticket by almost half until November 27. As detailed in a blog post, the streaming platform states YouTube Primetime channel users will see the following sale prices:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket: four monthly payments of $34.75 or $139 at once
  • NFL Sunday Ticket + RedZone: four monthly payments of $39.75 or $159 at once

Choosing the monthly or one-time payment will take consumers through the remainder of the season. YouTube reiterates the Primetime channel owners who grab the NFL Sunday Ticket are eligible to view out-of-market games Sunday games, as well.

On the other hand, YouTube TV members with the base subscription plan can get into the NFL sale with four payments of $22.25 or as a one-time payment of $89. Similarly, those same users can get the Sunday Ticket plus RedZone with four monthly payments of $27.25 or a one-time payment of $109.

Either option, much like Primetime channel members, will take you through to the end of the season at this reduced-price plan.

YouTube TV and Primetime Channels gain NFL Sunday Ticket.

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YouTube reminds users that no matter if they are a YouTube TV member or a Primetime channel holder, each will experience its live guide, unlimited DVR, live chat, and polls during the game. Multiview will surely come in handy this holiday weekend, letting viewers place their local games right beside ones through the Sunday Ticket.

NFL enjoyers picking up the seasonal ticket were granted unlimited simultaneous streaming right well before this season's kickoff, too.

YouTube TV's Thanksgiving-inspired sale is running alongside the service's 50% off promotion. No matter which consumers go for, knowing you're locked in for football through the season's conclusion might be fulfilling.

YouTube TV: Starting at $50.99/month for three months, then $72.99/month

YouTube TV: Starting at $50.99/month for three months, then $72.99/month

With YouTube TV, you can have the power of streaming at your fingertips with access to live TV, on-demand content, and much more. You can also add different bundles for additional content, such as the NFL Sunday Ticket, which gets you access to every Sunday football game in a season.

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