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You can go your whole life without actually plugging your phone into a computer. But if you plug in the Motorola Droid X or Droid 2, you'll be greeted with an annoying pop-up web page for Verizon's VCAST service -- every time you plug in your phone.

Disabling it is easy. Just go to the notification area on your Windows taskbar, right-click the MotoConnect icon, and set "When phone connects, launch" to "Nothing." And pray this practices ceases in the future.

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Stop that annoying VCAST popup


I wish there was a fix like this for the HTC Incredible. After loading 2.2, every time I plug my phone into the computer it launches that stupid web page!

Just did it, awesome! Thanks!
It was bothering me since I've been tinkering with AIR for Android apps and plugging my phone in a ton.

An easier fix: Buy a phone from anyone other than Verizon! Sprint doesnt pull this crap! (or force your phone to use Bing)

When you plug it into a Linux machine, it doesn't do such annoying things, just asks if you want to download photos or browse the phone... Have no idea what happens with MacOS.

+1 ^^ The new version of Ubuntu v10.10 has had changes made to it to be Droid friendly. Has very good compatibility with my D2.

Why does everyone keep using this junk? I mean, don't install it and just use the USB drives to move things back and forth. I guess people need their Mom's to hold their hands still....

You can easily block the action by using your spyware/malware/AV. I use PC Tools Spyware Doctor so the terminology is specific to this spy/malware/AV. In the Global Action list add this file name to block: H:\TL-BOOTSTRAP.EXE
PC Tools blocks it every time.
Launching my browser every time I plug in is MOST annoying Verizon!