Step up your home security with the new Lockly Duo and Guard smart locks

Lockly Duo Guard
Lockly Duo Guard (Image credit: Lockly)

What you need to know

  • Lockly has unveiled two new smart lock devices, the Duo and the Guard.
  • The Lockly Duo is a new deadbolt and latch device with Dual-Locking Technology.
  • The Lockly Guard is meant for sliding or swing-style doors and is well-suited for businesses or rental properties.

Today at the Pepcom DigitalExperience! event at this year's virtual CES conference, smart home security company Lockly announced two new smart door locks, the Duo and the Guard. These new devices add to Lockly's impressive portfolio and look to challenge for placement among the best smart locks in the industry.

The Lockly Duo features a locking deadbolt and latch combination that the company claims is hack-proof. Aside from its security chops, a big selling point of the device is that users can simultaneously lock the latch and deadbolt by just closing the door and lifting up on the latch handle. It comes in two stylish finishes, Satin Nickle and Matte Black.

Lockly Duo

Source: Lockly (Image credit: Source: Lockly)

The Lockly Guard brings advanced smart lock features to sliding or swing-style doors for homes, businesses, or rental properties. It has a long, narrow profile that elegantly compliments any entrance and offers users an optional upgrade to put a built-in RFID card reader, perfect for rental properties, businesses, or hotels. In addition to the Satin Nickle and Matte Black colors available on the Duo, the Guard also comes in a Metallic Chrome.

Both new smart locks feature Lockly's Pin Genie touchscreen, Offline Access Codes to grant access to those without internet-enabled devices, and 3D biometric fingerprint sensors. Each lock works with Android or iOS devices, as well as Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Both allow for creating guest keys, auto lock duration, and access logs. These new locks are particularly geared towards property managers and those with AirBNB, VRBO, and other rental properties. With Lockly's Access Portal, multiple locks across multiple locations can easily be managed remotely, safely, and securely.

With Duo and Guard, we allow more consumers than ever to find the perfect smart lock for their needs, and the Lockly Access Portal provides an enterprise solution beyond the individual lock. We are no longer just a smart lock provider, but instead, we've become a 360-degree security solution." -- Jeff Pouliot, Lockly Head of Sales

Rebecca Speer here at AC has tested out many smart locks, and her Lockly Vision review and Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt review were both favorable. We look forward to reviewing these new smart locks once they become widely available. The Lockly Duo is set to retail for $399.99 and will be available sometime in the first quarter of this year, while the Lockly Guard will retail for $499.99 and will be available later in the second quarter of 2021.

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