Evernote on Android Wear

Evernote for Android Wear — as in the Android Wear companion to the Evernote mobile app — has been around for just over a year now. You really can't understate just how handy this app can be for helping to keep your life organized, all with a swipe or a voice command.

Yes, even on a watch. So let's take a look at just how much help it can really be.

There are four options available to you through Evernote Wear: Find, To Dos, Nearby Notes, and Recent Notes.

Evernote Wear is a fantastic app that you may have overlooked.

Find allows you to search through all of your notes using voice commands. To Dos will initially give you a list of your current To Do lists. To navigate through them, just swipe vertically. After you select a list, you'll see each check box on its on screen with a horizontal swipe notification. If you tap the box of one of the items on your list it will check itself. You can also add new items to the list by swiping to the end and then using voice commands to add an item. Nearby notes are your geotagged notes. Recent notes will give you a list of your most recent notes. You can also assign Evernote to take notes, and access it by simply saying "Take a Note" and then following up with what you wanted to remember. It will be saved directly to your Evernote for your perusal later.

Evernote To Do list

So why are we talking about an app that's already a year old? The truth is, that it's a fantastic app that you may have overlooked — especially when it comes to your Android Wear watch. There is no right or wrong way to use Evernote. With it's clean navigation, paired with seamless voice controls, and nearly no effort to use, it can be a serious tool in keeping you on track.

Evernote screenshots

Evernote is definitely an app to keep in mind when you're setting up your Android Wear device. Especially if you're absent-minded, or always remembering something when you are on the go. Is Evernote the app for you? Do you already use Evernote, or do you have a different app to help keep you organized? Let us know in the comments below!