Star Trek: Bridge Crew delisted from Quest and PC online stores

Star Trek Bridge Crew
Star Trek Bridge Crew (Image credit: Red Storm Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Ubisoft's Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been suddenly delisted from multiple online marketplaces.
  • No reason or warnings were given for the removal, but is most likely due to the licensing deal expiring.
  • The PC version has been delisted from several stores, but the PlayStation version can still be purchased and is on sale for a very limited time.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew, the 2017 PC and PlayStation game based on the iconic franchise, has been suddenly delisted from several online game stores. The game allowed up to four players to command a ship together and explore space with or without a virtual reality headset.

The store listing for the Quest 2 version is still up, but the option to purchase has been removed. The Steam store page is also live, but no option to buy with the message, "At the request of the publisher, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is no longer available for sale on Steam." The game had been removed for purchase from Ubisoft's own store and its Ubisoft Connect launcher.

No official reason or announcement had been made prior to the removal, but it is most likely due to Ubisoft's deal to license the Star Trek name expiring. Games built around popular properties such as Marvel and Lego have been delisted before for the same reason, so it is not uncommon. Some delisted games have returned for purchase again, but it is unknown at this time if Star Trek: Bridge Crew, one of the best Quest 2 games, will return.

However, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is currently available to purchase on the PlayStation Store. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR title has been heavily discounted from $25 to $10 with the sale lasting until Thursday, Feb. 17. Considering the game was delisted on PC by the publisher itself, the PS4 version will likely follow suit after the sale.

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