Sprint Testing HTC Hero and Developing Samsung Android WiMax Phone?

There are some rumors floating around that Sprint is currently internally testing the HTC Hero. Sprint has so far avoided Android, even going as far as saying Android simply wasn't good enough yet, is the HTC Hero the first Android device that's 'good enough' in Sprint's eyes? It seems so.

The even juicier rumor is that Sprint is also testing a Samsung Android CDMA/WiMax device. Details are scarce but by just mentioning Android and 4G/WiMax in the same sentence sends me to a tizzy.

Obviously this needs to be filed in rumor and speculations but we've always championed Sprint and Android together. The logic of a Sprint Android Phone makes too much sense to pass up and we're hoping all these internal testings of Android Devices from Sprint mean that they mean business.

Who's interested in a Sprint Android Phone anyway? We always hear about Android with Verizon and AT&T yet Sprint remains a mystery. Mysterious or not, we're still thinking this can be good.


  • About time, Sprint needs to pick this ball up and run with it. Sure the Pre is cool, but Android is a whole different ballgame. I cannot wait to see an announcement for the first Sprint powered Android device... that release will get my up and sitting in front of a Sprint store waiting in line to get mine. Come on Dan, let's make this happen! Even more awesome is ClassyCribbage.com
  • Sprint is backing the Palm Pre and may consider Android a cannibalizing platform. But they may realize that Android is the better platform as we speak. They've behind the other carriers in the U.S. for reasons such as these bad business decisions thus far. Hopefully they will get smarter and adopt Android soon.
  • Can one cannibalize more than Windows Mobile? If they do hold back on Android I think it will be because Microsoft found some way to put the squeeze on Sprint.Btu I agree, Android give them options. I was already looking to leave AT&T. If Android was running on Sprint, I would have at least considered defecting to them.
  • How, exactly, is Android an inheirently better platfrom than webOS? You keep calling webOS the "Pre", but that's like calling Android the HTC Hero. It's not the same thing, dude. I've developed on Android, and I've been hacking at the webOS lately. For an OS that just came out of the gates, I've been WAY more impressed with webOS than Android from an architectural design standpoint. It reminds me of when I was developing on Symbian, and I'd read Symbian fans "wondering" why all those people use Windows Mobile when they are "supposed" to be using Symbian. There's room for lots of platforms out there. I like to see Android and webOS co-existing. They both offer something a little different, and they're both built on open standards/linux. What I don't like is for the two major OS players to be WinMob and iPhone, even though I've developed on both platforms, and I can actually make hard cash developing for those platforms. Android helps T-Mobile be one of the players, and that's cool. webOS does the same thing for Sprint, and one day, they'll both offer both OS's as a choice. That's a beautiful thing right there, liking being able to choose between Ubuntu and Mandriva.
  • Was hoping it would be released on a GSM network (ATT).
  • The webOS may be based on linux and open according to Palm. But it doesn't have the same standards backing by hardware makers and cell phone carriers. If they were so similar, why didn't Palm just join the Android group and enhance it instead? It's not doing anything revolutionary or anything that can't be done with Android giving enough resources. Because Android has the most support from various companies, it's the better platform. There are a way too many flavors of Linux already, and it's not helping linux in PC-land. What's needed are open standards and some sort of consistency and interoperability. Palm just branched out on their own to try to take a bigger piece of the pie. Good for them, but bad for smartphones in general.
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