Sprint Testing HTC Hero and Developing Samsung Android WiMax Phone?

There are some rumors floating around that Sprint is currently internally testing the HTC Hero. Sprint has so far avoided Android, even going as far as saying Android simply wasn't good enough yet, is the HTC Hero the first Android device that's 'good enough' in Sprint's eyes? It seems so.

The even juicier rumor is that Sprint is also testing a Samsung Android CDMA/WiMax device. Details are scarce but by just mentioning Android and 4G/WiMax in the same sentence sends me to a tizzy.

Obviously this needs to be filed in rumor and speculations but we've always championed Sprint and Android together. The logic of a Sprint Android Phone makes too much sense to pass up and we're hoping all these internal testings of Android Devices from Sprint mean that they mean business.

Who's interested in a Sprint Android Phone anyway? We always hear about Android with Verizon and AT&T yet Sprint remains a mystery. Mysterious or not, we're still thinking this can be good.


Casey Chan