Sprint teams up with Boingo to provide free Wi-Fi access to customers at airports across the U.S.

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Sprint store (Image credit: Android Central)

Sprint says that users within range of a Boingo hotspot will now be able to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network at no additional charge. From Sprint:

Sprint devices within proximity of a Boingo hotspot can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network seamlessly, providing service at the fastest speeds available, be that cellular from Sprint or Wi-Fi from Boingo. The auto-authenticating Wi-Fi connections are available at no additional charge to all Sprint customers with capable devices, and usage while connected to Wi-Fi does not count towards a customer's monthly service plan.

As mentioned above, Boingo operates Wi-Fi hotspots in 35 major airports across the U.S., so if you're a Sprint customer, chances are you'll be able to take advantage of this service at some point during your next trip.

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Source: Sprint

Dan Thorp-Lancaster