Sprint Releasing HTC Hero & Samsung Q Android Phones on October 11th

A forum member on xda-developers just posted this picture detailing an expected launch of the HTC Hero on October 11th on Sprint. Though this particular picture confirms nothing really, it does corroborate with what the same forum member has been saying about the Hero and Sprint since April.

Forum member pictures or not, there have been rumors and reports that pointed the HTC Hero in Sprint's direction before so it isn't exactly a stretch. What's more interesting is the other device mentioned in the report, the Samsung Q, also runs Android. Could this be the Samsung Galaxy?

Another tidbit to note is the date itself--October 11th is a Sunday. Would a Sunday launch work? Also, we're not sure if Sprint has a history of launching devices on particular days but the Palm Pre was launched on June 6th, a Saturday. Just food for thought.


Casey Chan
  • SPRINT will be gaining a customer when the hero drops. right now i have a tmobile my touch 3g and it sucks. tmobile should have released the hero.
  • ...htc hero is for tmobile
  • T-Mobile has the HTC Magic not the Hero. The Hero is an updated Magic pretty much.
  • Sprint has released many devices on Sundays before, so this isn't unusual. In fact, I think a Sunday date lends credibility to this launch. I'm tentatively with the OP as well; if it has the sense UI, and decent performance, I'm likely to pick one of these up, after the reviews are in. For now, I'm going to grab a MyTouch 3G on Wednesday. I'm over the iPhone.
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  • I would love it if the Hero ends up on Sprint-I was with them for years and the only time I had a problem was when I had to deal with their customer service (which got better towards the end) and other than the actual dealing with them, they always treated me great. I only left when the 1st gen iPhone came out and I've hated AT&T since.
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  • I am Account Services Rep for Sprint. FYI: The Hero is being launched on 10/11/09; however, we have not released any info on the Samsung Instinct Q launch date. Sprint has not even released any info for this phone to employees