Sprint Optimus S gets a second chance at a Gingerbread update

Last September, Sprint began rolling out the Gingerbread update for the LG Optimus S. It was quickly pulled as users were experiencing bugs with the data connection, charging, the keyboard, and worse. Since then, we've been waiting for it's return. Today seems to be that day, as Sprint says the update will begin rolling out Wednesday April 4 for Optimus S devices. Besides Gingerbread and all it's improvements, the following issues were addressed this time around:

  • Device not charging
  • SD card unmounting error
  • Device not recognized by Windows SP, Vista, or 7 operating systems
  • Predictive text with Android keyboard issue
  • Voice call volume issue

If you've been waiting for Gingerbread on your Optimus S, now would be a good time to get ready. If you didn't want to wait and have been following the incredible developers for the Optimus from the Android Central forums, you're golden. Don't attempt to flash any update you may be notified of. Your developers will take good care of you, and chances are you won't have to wait six months for it.

Source: Sprint

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I wonder if this will update over the original GB update? I updated my wife's S, and it has been a bit flakey since, but still usable.
  • That's hilarious really. They screwed up an update for the amazing Opti S in September and NOW they decide to fix it seven months later. Thanks but no thanks LG and Sprint. We've got CM7 builds, thanks to our awesome devs, that would blow this stock update out of the water.
  • just be happy you got one.... us OV users are SOL
  • I just hope this one actually works correctly.
  • im kind of excited to see this, im an in store Sprint Technician and I still to this day have to roll 5- 6 people back to the 2.2 OS a week due to the above stated issues. im going to wait maybe 2-3 weeks before i proactively begin to push those updates to the customers phones *+*+ FOR THOSE WITH 2.3 ALREADY+*+* take it to a Sprint tech. at my center I am having my techs preserve customers sms and contacts (even though apps can be backed up and restored i don't recommend it re-download the updated versions from the play store) push back to the stable 2.2, hard reset the device and download the new software update clearing out bugs. then restoring sms. and providing the link to the google play store.
  • Just a quick question but will Carrier IQ be removed with this update?
  • For those willing the devs are looking for this update so they can start working on ROMs for this. If you get this update and are willing to share please either click on the name and send a message or you can post on the LG Optimus S Rooting, ROMs and Hacks forums. It's greatly appreciated!