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Sprint Nexus S 4G available for purchase at Best Buy, no ship date yet

Following the news last week that Best Buy had put it's pre-order page up for the Gingerbread-rocking Sprint Samsung Nexus S 4G, some of you will be glad to know that the official ordering page (opens in new tab) is now up, albeit without an ETA.  The $199.99 new two-year contract or upgrade price holds true and but if you're looking to buy this pure Google experience outright, expect to pony up almost 700 big ones!  That's right, off contract pricing is running $699.99 compared to the $529.99 for the T-Mobile Nexus S, which also sells for $99.99 on contract.  Now, that's not say things can't change between now and launch date, but given that Best Buy is ready to take our credit card info, it seems to be set in stone. [Best Buy (opens in new tab)Thanks for the tip repsak187!

  • Y can't they just give a date already?!
  • Should be $99...this hardware is so 2010.
  • just livechatted with them. They said that you still can't actually complete the order process. Not here yet, but we are getting closer. and of course, they would not give a ship date.
  • Just called one of the stores and the employee said they are selling the phone but they are now sold out. They should be getting another shipment in a few days.
  • What?
  • Something tells me the store employee didn't know what you were actually asking about. Must have thought you meant T-Mobile Nexus S.
  • You're not very bright.
  • $699 is absolutely ridiculous for this phone.
  • Hm...I called Sprint a couple weeks ago and they told me it would be $449.99 off-contract. I don't know whether or not that's because of my plan or because Sprint will actually sell it that low (or the rep was confused and got it wrong...) Anyway, I'm waiting for the Evo 3D anyway so don't really care. As rocket321 said, this is 2010 hardware
  • Ditto. Altho I'll probably wait to see how quickly it's rooted and how well battery life holds up... If it isn't rooted as easily as the EVO 4G or battery life doesn't improve, I'll probably stick it out with the OG for a while. I'm ready to buy the 3D off contract if it impresses tho, I'd even upgrade my phone before buying a tablet (tempted by the Transform, still not sold on tablets with smartphone OS as a whole tho). I hope the 3D's camera performs well in 2D mode, that's one of the areas where the OG EVO still disappoints me.
  • Its basically an Epic 4G without a keyboard and a slightly different shape. Epic just dropped to 149$...this makes no sense.
  • $125 at Sams club.
  • Best Buy always beefs up the off contract price of their smartphones.
  • Am I missing something here? This is the same page Best Buy has had up since last week....
  • Yea, what he said ^^^. ??
  • It no longer shows pre order. However, when you order the Nexus S. It won't ship out yet.
  • Launch day Sprint Pre here, possibly joining the Android bandwagon. Basically just created an account to let you know that I went to Sprint today to return an Echo that I was testing out and they informed me that the Nexus S will be available (at least at the store I was at in NJ) next week. They wanted me to keep the phone another week and then do a replacement rather than return, to save me the $35 restocking fee. Perhaps they were off one week, but I feel confident within the next week or so the Nexus will be in-store ready for pick-up; otherwise they would not have given me this advice. So I've been thinking of making the switch from WebOS to Android, but was wondering (and I realize this is the wrong place to ask the question, perhaps a forum thread is a better idea) there an android app that will mimic the "Just Type" functionality in WebOS? That was the most noticeable missing element in the Android OS when I was testing it out on the Echo. Thanks!
  • Ordered my AT&T 3G version just the other day!