Sprint Samsung Nexus S 4G Ordering Page - Best Buy

Following the news last week that Best Buy had put it's pre-order page up for the Gingerbread-rocking Sprint Samsung Nexus S 4G, some of you will be glad to know that the official ordering page is now up, albeit without an ETA.  The $199.99 new two-year contract or upgrade price holds true and but if you're looking to buy this pure Google experience outright, expect to pony up almost 700 big ones!  That's right, off contract pricing is running $699.99 compared to the $529.99 for the T-Mobile Nexus S, which also sells for $99.99 on contract.  Now, that's not say things can't change between now and launch date, but given that Best Buy is ready to take our credit card info, it seems to be set in stone. [Best BuyThanks for the tip repsak187!

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