In Sprint's latest push to haul in new customers, the yellow carrier announced a new Unlimited talk, text, and data plan that was $50 for one person, $40 for the second line, and $30 for each line after that. Well, lines three, four, and five just got a lot cheaper for a limited time. 100% cheaper, to be exact.

Oh Sprint...

Sprint has announced that it is making five Unlimited lines cost the same as two, making it much more enticing for families to make the jump. Now, if you recall from the plan's announcement two weeks ago, this is a plan that is not without compromise. It's only available for new customers, and if you don't have autopay set up, it's an extra $5 per month. Sprint has also joined the "mobile optimized video" club of reducing video to 480p to help keep data use down, and can bump down your data speeds during heavy usage times and on congested cell towers, so if you live in a busy area, this might not be the plan for you.

If you live in an area with good Sprint coverage and are looking to switch, this promotional offer could be quite a steal. If, however, you live somewhere where that "1% reliability difference" matters, then it doesn't matter how cheap the unlimited plan is. It's still Sprint.

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