Sprint may not be the biggest wireless carrier in the United States, but if there's one thing it does well, it's offering compelling promotions. Most recently, Sprint announced a new Unlimited Kickstarter plan that costs just $15/month.

For that price, Sprint's giving you unlimited call, text, and 4G LTE data. Videos stream at a max of 480p "DVD quality" and there's no mobile hotspot functionality, but aside from that, this is essentially Sprint's regular Unlimited Freedom plan at 1/4 the regular price.

As enticing as this may be, there is one big caveat to take note of — only new customers that port over an existing phone number are eligible for the promotion. If you just sign up with a new number, you won't get this pricing.

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It's worth mentioning that any of Sprint's regular taxes and fees are going to be charged on top of that $15/month rate, but even so, this may be worth jumping on if you've been meaning to try out Sprint or just want to save some cash on your monthly phone bill.

Oh, and that $15/month rate applies no matter how many lines you add. As long as you port a number over for each one, a family of four can get unlimited service for just $60/month.

The promotion begins Friday, June 8 and will be available exclusively when ordering over the phone or online. Sprint says that it "won't last long", so I'd advise acting sooner rather than later to ensure you don't miss out.

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