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At a recent conference, Sprint announced that they have sold 1 million LTE devices and counting. As much as it might pain us Android fans, the iPhone 5 is listed there and probably helped Sprint at least a little bit in crossing that milestone. Sprint has a lengthy list of new LTE markets it plans on addressing before the end of 2013 in addition to its existing 19 metropolitan coverage zones. Sprint's LTE network is relatively young, having only launched in mid-July, so it's understandable that they're pumped about the milestone. 

For all of the LTE devices it has sold, Sprint still has a lot of financial ground to make up, but with the holiday season around the corner, at least they'll have a slightly easier time addressing that challenge. I just can't help but imagine Verizon and AT&T bigwigs (who have been selling LTE devices for a long time now) chortling at Sprint's LTE device sales figure.

Sprint customers, what's your favorite LTE device that they're offering? The rest of y'all, are there any Sprint-exclusive devices that tempt you to switch, or is service the key differentiator for you?

Source: Sprint