Sprint Hero update rolling out now

If you own an HTC Hero and you're tired of your GPS and dialer acting up, it's time to update your phone -- now. Software version 2.31.651.7 is hitting the phones as we speak, well, as we type. We got wind of this update coming through a few days ago. Oh, and remember -- this is not Froyo! Sprint already confirmed via Twitter, that the Hero will not be getting Froyo. Make sure your hitting that system update button in your settings if your still waiting on the software fix. Also, be sure to head on over to the Android Central Forums talk all about it. People are already receiving the update. One more pic after the break. Thanks, Zachary.

Andrew Melnizek
  • I installed the update about 30 minutes ago, and have made a few calls since then. I am sure there will be some period before the lag in the dialer disappears; I am still having the same issue. Has the dialer issue disappeared for everyone else who installed the update?
  • My wife got the update last night about 8pm Pacific Time and she said it is night and day difference on the dialer. She said sometimes it would take a full minute for the phone to actually connect a call. Now it is about 3-5 seconds.
  • Any idea when the OTA update for EVO is coming?
  • I got the update 2 days ago.
  • Lol. Settings -> System Updates -> HTC software update No sitting around waiting... buddy
  • I have done that several times since the announcement, buddy, and it says no new updates.
  • I'm sorry to hear that. I downloaded mine last night... between the download and installation it took about 10 - 15 mins I think. Reboot your phone if you haven't done it in several days maybe that helps. I try the download twice last night. 1st time I didn't realize I was on 3g and not on WiFi but when WiFi came up the download kind of froze so I cancelled it, restarted & it just worked. A Sprint store should be able to help too.
  • Evo update is out-n-about man, sheck out your HTC updates
  • Would be nice if other carriers holding the Hero (Droid Eris for Verizon) could get the update. The dialer fix would be nice.
  • I can't stop myself: "Make sure your hitting..." It should be "you're". Sorry, but seeing that particular mistake makes me crazy. No lag on my CM6 Hero with Froyo, btw.
  • DL'd mine early this am. Dialer was a bit faster. Took like 4 seconds to come up as apposed to nearly a full minute. Also, phone now rings on calls second ring (did I even say that right? lol). No more 4 rings on the caller side and me picking it up and it going to vmail. Also, it may be just me, but the entire phone seems a "little" snappier when jumping around screens and whatnot...
  • Just updated and there is a noticeable difference in dialer speed... when I press call, it actually does! In a matter of seconds... This is as opposed to having to wait forever and sometimes placing 2 calls at once not knowing the phone was "thinking" about placing the 1st call! This was so bad that I had to install the call confirm app so I didn't make 2 calls by accident. I was also getting late text messages before... don't know if this is a coincidence or not but I just tested sending myself a text from my wifes phone and I got the text right away instead of 10 mins later like last night. Nice! Hopefully there are no new bugs or battery drain that every update or change seems to bring
  • lol, I installed Call Confirm on my wife and m Hero for the exact same reason =)
  • Man I'm so glad that I ditched the Eris for the droid months ago. My friend still has his hero and all he does is complain about it.
  • Just a word to the wise. This update breaks root and cannot be rerooted with universal androot or unrevoked for hero. Not sure about unrevoked forever. My EVO rerooted fine, but a no go for the hero.
  • Can you do this if you're rooted?
  • You have to reflash 2.1, then do the ota. But, you can't reroot with universal androot or unrevoked for hero. Not sure if unrevoked forever will work, or not. If you are into custom roms, may just have to wait on a rom with the update cooked in that won't remove root.
  • I updated OTA on my Non-Rooted Hero, and now my GMAIL is hanging when i open the app. Did a reboot, Battery pull and nothing. Any reported issues with Gmail App not wanting to load?
  • Hello on that 09.27.10 nightly best so far
  • Sprint can suck it. CM6 FTW!
  • Amen brother! CM6 says "Lag? What lag?"...."no Froyo? Not with me, baby, I got 2.2 all the way!!!"
  • Just wondering if anyone knows if the Alltel Hero (same phone) will be getting this update any time soon.
  • Jdelmo: I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. Maybe you should check with htc to see if they are planning one. Or, you could do the one click root with universal androot and find a custom rom.