EVO 3D - Be a 3D Star

Sprint dropped us a nice little present in their EVO email this morning, announcing the giveaway of 32 HTC EVO 3D phones, starting June 13.  Clicking on the link brings you to the Be a 3D Star Sweepstakes page.  Following the links brings you to an entry form available only to Sprint Premier customers in which 10 EVO 3Ds are up for grabs along with "a bag of sweet EVO swag."  Sweet!

Giveaway of 32 EVO 3Ds

However, if you're at all proficient at math, you know 32 ≠ 10.  So what does that mean for the other 22 phones?  Or is it possible these 10 phones are exclusive to the Premier community and precursors to the 32 phones that Sprint is giving away to everyone starting on June 13?  At this point, we're not sure but we've reached out to Sprint for clarification in the matter and we'll update you when we get all the facts.

Once June 13 hits, everyone will be able to enter the sweepstakes and also become part of a unique 3D movie experience known as Present Tense.  It appears from the preview that uploading your photo will place you in this 3D movie, displaying your picture throughout a few scenes.  We'll be able to play around with it a week from now and make our own movies.

For now, all you Sprint Premier customers get to entering (one entry per phone number, per day) as it seems you have a head start on the rest of the pack and be sure to check out the Present Tense 3D teaser after the break!

Source: Sprint Be a 3D Star Sweepstakes