Sprint Evo 4G WiMax hotspot will definitely have a monthly charge

The Sprint Evo 4G WiMax hotspot plans are starting to shape up internally, and it's not looking good if you were hoping Sprint would go the same route as Verizon and offer it up for free. (That said, we're talking WiMax and not just 3G EVDO, so ...) As you see above, "Special plans are being created for the Evo 4G because it is the first dual mode 3G/4G phone offered by Sprint." Also, the plans will have "a monthly recurring charge." That's really not that big a surprise, however unwelcome.

We're still unsure of an exact release date, though we're expecting it sooner rather than later. Let's just hope that the plans are reasonable (we've heard rumors of as much as $30 a month for hotspot access) and that WiMax lives up to its billing and that the rollout continues to smaller cities. One more shot of the info after the break.

Sprint Evo 4G Wimax hotspot information

Phil Nickinson