Sprint EVO 3D aiming for the fourth week of June?

We just ran across the latest edition of the Sprint Playbook, and not surprisingly, the highly anticipated HTC EVO 3D makes an appearance. But along with all the specs and talking points -- which we've definitely seen before -- is the header, which points to the fourth week of June as a targeted release date.

We will, however, couch that by saying nothing's official yet, and we all know how release dates are subject to change. (And this seems to go against Radio Shack's "rough launch date" of June 4-ish, which we weren't all that confident in anyway.)

Anyhoo, it's coming, and we might now have a more solid target window, folks.

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Phil Nickinson
  • This is all I have to say, looking at how Samsung was able to achieve a smooth well built user experience I hope they are using this time to make the phone more comparable to the SGSII. Reason I'm saying this is because with the comparison of the HTC Sensation, which has very similar specs as the HTC EVO 3D, to the SGSII the Sensation looks to be on the short end of the stick. The SGSII is what I expected from a dual core phone and I hope when the EVO 3D comes out it will be just as good.
  • How does the SGSII comes out on top of Sensation, honestly curious (as from the reviews they seem to be being more or less comparable with pros and cons and it's just a matter of what features are more important to you)?
  • The sensation is bogged down by htc sense. The android skin that used to be revolutionary and pushing the entire industry forward is now just making little cosmetic changes to the OS, that actually impede on the speed of the OS and add no usefulness to the OS. Don't even get me started about the locked bootloader which may or may not be unlocked an an ota update. Next is the screen which while higher res than the Samsung galaxy s 2 cant touch it in actual quality. Plus its gorilla glass! and compared to the sgs2 this thing is humongous.
  • Sense is still the best stock UI out there. My Evo 4g runs circles around my buddies Galaxy S. to the point that he won't let me use his phone as an example to show speed when people are looking at the phone they want to buy. Your Gorilla Glass statement is based on what? The Evo 4g has it. Why wouldn't the 3d? http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/featured-products Samsung phones have nice screens. But they really don't like to update their phones either. If you root it's not that big of a deal, but 99% of people don't root so that does them no good. If you like your phone...cool. But don't say things that are not true (gorilla glass, slow UI).
  • Sense is great, but from the looks of Sense 3.0, it looks to become more of a hog than anything. I know HTC is taking advantage of the new dual core power, but to over haul the UI as they are doing with Sense 3.0 and not producing the performance that many, including myself, was expecting with dual core is not koo. Samsung made some great improvements with the performance of the SGSII. Beside fragmentation the only other major complaint I here from iFans is that the UI is laggy. Samsung fixed that in the SGSII and set a standard that I believe all other dual core phones should at least be able to meet.
  • i have to see that, because a have a vibrant and my friend have an evo and in term of speed is not even a contest, they both rooted, his evo running cm 7 and mine running SGSII.V2.Final and is not even close,my vibrant beats the evo every time.
  • Each phone has their pros and cons, I love Sense over Touchwiz, but the SGSII simply out preforms the sensation. I'm not talking about sense vs touchwiz as some may presume, this is purely performance. For example, smoothness in the UI or browser performance and speed. The new sense 3.0 is a hog I have no idea where all the ram is being used but I have seen videos of the sensation with all other programs turned off except for the OS and Sense and it was using over 300mb in ram. That's not very good considering the phone only has 768mb of ram.
  • Well the Evo3D has 1gb of ram so that 300mb doesn't seem so bad now right? The sensation and Evo are almost the same with a couple differences. (3D and RAM)
  • I need it sooner!
  • I was at the Sprint store earlier this week, the employee said that they weren't allowed to take vacation the last week of June.
  • Sorry to bust your guys bubble but week 4 just means the forth week of training in the playbook. Nothing to do with launch date. Wish it were true though
  • makes sense, but I like the leaks. Makes me feel like its coming closer.
  • Yes, this is week 4 of EVO 3D training on the Playbook and it will go on till after it gets released. We still have no release date. Wishing and hoping that it is sooner that than tho!
  • i am really dissapointed to see the "trace" keyboard implementation on the sensation, i hope they fix that. got the epic for the keyboard, then started to use swype = never use the keboard... i pre ordered the evo 3d i love the specs all around but i would hate to go back to Tap Tap Rage n Chuck!
  • If you do get in that spot and cant get a swype beta or get the apk., just get T9flex input. In fact, just get that anyhow. It's what Swype should be.
  • This goes along with what I was told on preorder; June 24th. Would be cool if it turns out that way. Either way I took up meditation to help control my anxiety and build patience.
  • I feel like the release date keeps coming closer and closer, almost in this weird 3-Dimensional kind of a way...
  • we see what you did there.
  • I will preorder next weekend. I want this badly!
  • For the last 4 weeks they've been outlining various features of the phone and calling it training, thusly, "week 4". The Playbook comes out on Wednesdays, typically between 4 and 7 pm CST. Unless it's leaked or announced otherwise expect to hear that official release date from a dutiful Sprint Rep on any given Wednesday.
  • I was about to say the exact same thing.
  • I have absolutely no need for 3D. Period. Give me the HTC Sensation (ON SPRINT) and expand 4G coverage to my area and then we'll be cooking with gas.
  • Then buy an EVO and turn off the 3D.
  • Then ignore the 3D and enjoy the better camera quality, more RAM, and more storage space on the Evo 3D. The Evo is superior...
  • these "i don't need 3D" comments are really getting old... seriously, anyone here' if that is what u are going to say just keep it to yourself. you also don't need a super computer with a massive screen in your pocket but u are buying it anyways. 3D is just another feature. games will look awesome with it. stfu and be happy that it has it. thx
  • I have absolutely no need for 3D. Period. Give me the HTC Sensation (ON SPRINT) and expand 4G coverage to my area and then we'll be cooking with gas.
  • You can easily turn the 3d off. no big deal... then its a htc sensation on sprint amiright?
  • I suppose, but IMHO the Sensation just looks a tad bit sharper in the style department. I do want the dual-core processor though; that would be a sweet upgrade to my EVO 4G. :-)
  • mostly, but don't forget about the extra ram and internal storage the Evo 3D has over the Sensation :)
  • Then ignore the 3D and enjoy the better camera quality, more RAM, and more storage space on the Evo 3D. The Evo is superior...
  • Can someone enlighten me as to the EVO 3D's 3G network compatibility. As I understand it, it supports HSDPA 1700/2100 which is what I need to use it on Wind Mobile. However, as is obvious, in US it's coming out on Sprint not T-Mobile. Typically I know that if phone works on T-Mobile it'll work on Wind.
    So, is this just a different model or something, and if it is any word on T-Mobile/Wind compatible model? Or is do Sprint and T-Mo share some 3G bands and so same phone can work on both? Obviously, if somebody knows with any certainty whether EVO 3D will work on Wind or not, that would be most helpful. :)
  • Sprint and T-Mobile operate on different systems entirely GSM for T-Mobile (as you likely well know) and CDMA for Sprint. Same phone cannot work on both carriers. I have no familiarity with Wind Mobile. Maybe you're seeing the specs for the Sensation? They're nearly identical in the specs department.
  • Nope, that's definitely EVO 3D specs. Sprint being CDMA explains why I started seeing "EVO 3D CMDA" mentions here and there. I'm going to guess that it means that the "regular" EVO 3D that would work on T-Mo or Wind may or may not be available at the same time as the CDMA version. That's a bit discouraging since stuff gets to Canada usually later anyway, and if US is only getting the CDMA version then god knows when I'll be able to get my hands on the EVO 3D. Hopefully I'm wrong. Mind you, if EVO 3D ain't in the cards I'd happily go for the Sensation, but I'm really wanting that hardware camera button, those software buttons are just plain no good, is what they are.
  • And I think it's rude the way Gingerbread hasn't been rolled out yet to Sprint handsets like my EVO 4G. Sure it'll come on the new EVO 3D and then when enough units of this new phone are in customer's hands, Sprint will drop GB for the rest of us. I guess I'll just wait for it to show up on my EVO 4G, which is plenty good without 3D. Now only if it had 4G so I could feel less raped by that $10 premium data add-on.
  • True. I'm living in Phoenix and no 4g here.
  • So far I'm happy with my Epic.
    But it drains it's battery like I take a leak.
    This 3d phone would have to have a kickass battery to appease me. I don't know about the rest of you.
  • I switched my evo for an epic because I couldn't take the crappy battery life of the evo anymore. Htc needs to figure out battery life for their phones
  • guess your epic ain't doing much better...
  • I would've given up my EVO for the battery life, accept at the time I got it (December 2010), EPIC didn't have Froyo. It will be interesting to see what the battery life of the EVO 3D is. My guess is it shouldn't be spectacular.
  • Don't worry the battery on the Evo 3d will be one of the best ever made for any HTC device. Plus with the battery management technology incorporated in the device this battery will last much longer than the Evo 4g. The Evo 3d has a dualcore processor that is asynchronous CPU cores which can be independently controlled for maximum efficiency the battery on this device will be so much better. meanwhile check out this video about the Htc Sensation and read up on the battery life of that device which is also very good and rated better than the Galaxy S2 according to ENGADGET...http://www.engadget.com/2011/05/27/htc-sensation-review/
  • I was told by a BB rep that June 24th was the big day
  • That's just week 4 of the evo 3D training.....I work at sprint call center
  • then do you know any info on the subject about a release date?
  • No. I spoke to the HTC rep and he said that its coming out soon but they cant say yet. He had one with him but couldnt show us. Its def not coming out on 6-4 though is what he said. He also had the HTC flyer and that was sweet too. Im a Sprint store tech.
  • What's with all the double posts?? Just hit the button once.
  • Week 4 actually indicates that its the week four of may's playbook. We have a new playbook each week.
  • WTF? People are STILL complaining about battery life a year later?? Geez people. Do you buy a Ferrari and complain that it gets 6 mpg?? In any case, it's not hard to get enough battery life to make it through a whole day. I get 12 hours easily with normal use and GPS on. I still get 8 hours when I use wifi hotspot. Can't wait for the 3D, it better come before I hit the road for 3 weeks though.
  • No...this is the fourth week of EVO 3D training in the Playbook. Omg really? How could you get it THAT wrong hahaha
  • A LOT of people are clarifying, Androidcentral, this is training for week FOUR IN MAY, meaning, ending tuesday. The phone will release before the last week of June... Let's have some faith. I cant wait for this bad boy to be released!!!! LETS GO!!!!
  • Honestly this waiting is the STUPIDITY. This device was shown at CTIA March 22nd what gives??? We all have WAITED LONG ENOUGH preorders should not have to be held over 1month THIS MAKES NO SENSE...
  • So much for all your "predictions" that it would be out on June 4th. You were so confident spewing that date all over these forums and Phandroid, yet you are clearly wrong. GTFO. And what's with the stupid double posting? Do you really need to make yourself feel more important by making one more comment? What a child.
  • the double posting most likely isn't on purpose. AC needs to review their new system because double posting is easier, i've done it a few times myself. People mistakenly hit submit twice because there is a horrible lag therefore it looks as if there is no action happening on your post. I've learned to just be patient with this AND with the release date :-)
  • Don't worry about this BUM SQUIDDY20 always going around to every forum just to see whatever I have posted what a SAD USELESS person but it is what it is....Either way he WISHES HE CAN PURCHASE any of these devices that are coming out. He will tell you all about his PROPED UP samsung moment from 2years ago that is rooted and in his world it's suppose to be the best thing since sliced bread. WHAT A JERK HE IS...GO BACK TO PHANDROID SQUIDDY20 AND STAY THERE
  • Do all of us here at android central a favor and GO BACK TO PHANDROID with your useless postings which we do not need to see here. Your antagonistic ways and pestering people who post comments needs to come to an end. This posting is in regards to the evo 3d which you are not a fan of, nor will you be purchasing this device you don't even have a deposit down for the item in question above but you post here just out of SPITE...Take your old ran down rooted 2year old samsung moment and GET LOST..... We want responses from current evo 4g owners WHICH YOU ARE NOT...or people who have desire for the Evo 3d or have a deposit down for this device WHICH AGAIN DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.
  • If the radio shack ad is true about preorder on the 5th, then a release date has to come this week. so far it has been unofficial preorders and that blatant ad would make it official! So either way they can't make official preorders without release date!
  • Honestly this is GETTING OUT OF HAND NOW. How do you announce a device at CTIA on march 22nd have one retail partner start preorders may 1st then radioshack 10days ago then turn around and want a possible release date of the LAST WEEK OF JUNE?? WHAT GIVES HERE WHY THE DELAY???? This makes NO SENSE AT ALL...
  • Harold Camping predicted JUNE 21st!!!
  • Ok I'm aware that I'm asking for loads of hate for what I'm going to say. I'm also aware that we are in a new era but am I the only one who has patience anymore? I seriously remember that the phone arena didn't even release new devices except every couple years. I don't know how long I had my Motorola Startac and was so excited when they announced a BRAND NEW, STATE OF THE ART, REVOLUTIONARY...Motorola Startac? Huh? Oh wait this new one was digital! The point I'm making is a few months is not really that big of a deal. Seems as if these companies can't win. What if they started just releasing phones with little fanfare and press only a few days leading up to it's release? Then people would be angry because they JUST bought phone A, but had they known phone B was on the horizon they would have waited. These are the ways of technology, get used to it. The game changes so rapidly that it's pretty obvious teasing a device so many months in advance is a ploy for the companies to see how competition will react. What can we tweak? What problems have plagued similar devices? (let's face it not many are ORIGINAL anymore.) When so much is hinged on ONE device, both for the manufacturer AND the carrier it should be appreciated that they aren't just tossing junk our way (opinion). I'm sure there are several things we can all do in life that has some meaning up to the release of our beloved Evo successor. So I say to the congregation....GET YOUR PANTIES OUT OF A BUNCH and chill
  • Yes PastorDroid you are correct I will just relax...I did'nt want to see the Sensation release first on tmobile but maybe just maybe this wait will give me a chance to go see the sensation in person on June 8th and go play with the GX2 as well. I look forward to my EVO 3D THAT WILL BE THE BEST...
  • Ih oh. If harold camping predicted june 21st then we will have to wait 5 months past that date before its released.
  • Looking forward to upgrading from my Hero. Just hope the boot loader is unlocked before it comes out.
  • If it isn't the 24th, I'll hold out for the 14th. This was the day that I was able to have Sprint finally reinstate my gold premier status. Until then, meditation is key for me.
  • This really sucks. my 30 days from buying the nexus will be up. Do you guys think that is why it is potentially pushed back?
  • possibly... a guy at Best Buy told me that the release date was pushed back because of how well the Nexus S 4G was selling
  • I guess if us current Evo 4g owners had to wait then that's ok mainly because of the fact that it is because of the Nexus S4g selling VERY WELL ON SPRINT. Last year we were the only one's on sprint so the Evo 4g got alot of attention evo owners are use to being number one. Now we have to share that position not only with the Nexus S4g but also when the new Evo 3d comes out and that new dualcore Motorola Phanton 4g comes out on June 9th with that event being held here in New York with the CEO of Motorola and Dan Hesse. All in all this has been a great year for sprint and look forward to some END OF THE YEAR SURPRISES that is up the sleeve of sprint not only with the Nexus 3 coming to sprint first before any other carrier but get ready for something else which I'm sure will be spoken of soon...
  • Yeah sprint is pretty smart...That is exactly why they PUSHED BACK THE EVO 3D because they don't want people switching from the Nexus s4g to the Evo 3d during that 30day window then they would have to give up some free evo 3d's if they released the Evo 3d on June 4th. So actually my predicted date of June 4th would've been correct if no Nexus s4g existed. Anyway the Evo 3d will be the best android device on the market spec wise and hardware wise until the Nexus 3 comes out on sprint later this year meaning in december or maybe Jauary...Either way sprint clearly has the best android devices on the market HANDS DOWN
  • It makes sense to push back the EVO 3D release with the Nexus S 4G doing so well. It also makes sense for Sprint and HTC to push back the Gingerbread upgrade for us EVO 4G owners so the gingerbread upgrade won't keep us from thinking it's good enough and not get the EVO 3D. I'm not interested in the EVO 3D. I'd rather have the Nexus S 4G. If the next version of the Nexus isn't available in December when it's upgrade time, I will just get a Nexus S and not worry about Android upgrades because the Nexus phones always get the upgrades first. As my upgrade isn't due until December, I'm in no rush to upgrade. I can wait. I'd like to see if the next Nexus phone is available then.
  • To be honest, if they wait too long, they might lose me. The way I see it, if EVO 3D is available on it's own, it's any easy buy for me. However, if they wait long enough to release it, such that information on the Sprint version of the SGSII is known (i.e. configuration, access to 4G, etc.) of if there is solid information on any other upcoming phone (WebOS, iPhone, etc.), then there will be significant pause for reconsideration.