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Sprint employee training for Motorola Xoom and Samsung Nexus S starts soon

Although we've known for quite some time about the Sprint Motorola Xoom and Samsung Nexus S 4G, one thing about both of those devices that still eludes us seemingly is the launch date. We've seen some rumors here and there but overall, nothing official has made it out. That said, the latest Sprint playbook now has employee training dates listed in it, which leads us to believe launch is only just around the corner. Hopefully after "school" gets out, we'll have a more specific date for you all but until then -- we're fine with knowing things are still moving for both these devices. [via the Android Central app]Thanks, anon!

  • some real news! Does this mean the Nexus launch will for sure be after 5/8?
  • This could be it. I hope in next few days we will hear a solid date.
  • Hope they hurry up! We need a tablet on a network that has a reasonable data plan! G-Slate $50 hello!
    ps. please have working SD card and 4G. Thanks MoTO!
  • Im searching the web every day trying to find the release date of the evo 3d and they don't even have one for the nexus? Evo 3d ain't never comming out! Come on!
  • One step closer for sprint to take over the world, cant wait for to replace my EVO with the EVO 3D and my Galaxy Tab with my HTC flyer =)
  • If it is for Sprint, why does it say Motorola Xoom with Wifi?
  • The more Xoom's out there the better.