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Just the other day Sprint announced that they were going to be rolling out their 4G LTE network along with the first four cities to get it, but one thing that was also included in the presser was a hint at their LTE plans. It appears as though Sprint will be allowing unlimited 4G LTE as an option to add on, which is pretty impressive at this point. Tons of carriers have received a bunch of bad press about their limited data plans so it is interesting to see Sprint coming forth still with unlimited options.

The new 4G LTE smartphones will benefit from Sprint Everything plans including the Everything Data Plan with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM offering unlimited data, texting and calling to and from any mobile phone in America while on the Sprint Network. With Sprint’s unlimited data plans, customers don’t have to worry about throttling or surprises on their monthly bill from data overage charges like they might with tiered data plans from other carrier.

Quite nice to see that Sprint isn't really worried about the other carriers and their data plans and trying to jump on the bandwagon, and instead they are looking to do their own thing and make it attractive to the masses.

Source: Sprint