Sprint bounces back with expensive acquisition of 1.1 million new subscribers

Sprint store
Sprint store (Image credit: Android Central)

Sprint has released new figures that reveal solid growth with the addition of 1.1 million new subscribers in the last three months. According to the company's financial report for the second fiscal quarter of 2015, Sprint also managed to break internal records with a postpaid churn of 1.54 percent.

The company also added a net positive total of 553,000 postpaid net additions, compared to a net loss of 272,000 last year. However, when it comes to actual finances, things start to look rather bleak with a net loss of $585 million, compared to a loss of $20 million in the previous quarter.

While it's positive to see customer growth, the aggressive push has certainly left a mark on the bottom line for the fiscal quarter just passed.

Source: Sprint (PDF)

Rich Edmonds