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Sprint bounces back with expensive acquisition of 1.1 million new subscribers

Sprint store
Sprint store (Image credit: Android Central)

Sprint has released new figures that reveal solid growth with the addition of 1.1 million new subscribers in the last three months. According to the company's financial report for the second fiscal quarter of 2015, Sprint also managed to break internal records with a postpaid churn of 1.54 percent.

The company also added a net positive total of 553,000 postpaid net additions, compared to a net loss of 272,000 last year. However, when it comes to actual finances, things start to look rather bleak with a net loss of $585 million, compared to a loss of $20 million in the previous quarter.

While it's positive to see customer growth, the aggressive push has certainly left a mark on the bottom line for the fiscal quarter just passed.

Source: Sprint (PDF)

  • Adding 1.1M Customers makes it a customer base of??? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was looking for that also Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sprint's best bet is to allow T-Mobile to buy them and then they can run something comparable to Google Fi only with better data option. Posted via The Next Big Thing. My Samsung Galaxy Note 5!
  • The carriers don't even think about Google Fi. They might if Fi eventually had 20 million subscribers. But it won't. It's a geek service.
  • T-Mobile can't buy sprint. They don't have the capital. Even with all the moves they have done lately, it's not enough. Plus deutch Telekom isn't going to invest that type of money, they have been trying to sell them for 2 bags of doughnuts and a box of coffee for the last decade. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sold!
  • Yeah but if you move the coffee more than three feet from a doughnut they taste like shit. Kinda lime t-mobile and their data __________________________________________________________________________________-_________________________-____________________
  • Every quarter we keep reading reports from every carrier about how they added X million new subscribers. I realize the cellular industry is still growing, but how many more million people can there possibly be in the US that have yet to get a phone? And yes I realize that some of this growth belongs to connected tablets, but still. These growth figures can't continue like this. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The numbers will never be static. Because when teenagers leave their parents. Most likely drop off their parents, cell phone plan and they'll get their own. You will have people switching from carrier to carrier to get a better deal or they might of moved and they get a better signal from said carrier. But I do believe over time the numbers will go down. But they'll never flat line. Posted via the Android Central App
  • People die too.
  • This is true, though I would suspect that the percentage of the population that ages into cellphones has a greater percentage of cellphone ownership than does the people who are dying. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Plus adding children to a family plan when parents think they are old enough to have a phone. Posted via Nexus 6 running on any data plan I want
  • Yes but then how are they just keeping churn so low? Note 4 vs Note 5 Speed Comparison:
  • A great network __________________________________________________________________________________-_________________________-____________________
  • Not to mention now that phones are unlockable switching carriers is much easier now. Also, family plans have really dropped in price over all networks, a lot of parents feel its worth it now to add their kids to their plan. That accounts for about 50 million potential customers. Posted via the Android Central App on the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Well, bringing unlocked phone to Sprint is a pain in the ass. Been there done that. Posted via Nexus 6 running on any data plan I want
  • It's not just phones and tablets. It's anything with a cell connection. That includes semis, cars, vending machines, and a variety of other connected devices. Posted via Android Central App
  • Umm... Go Sprint..??
  • 585 million dollar net loss last quarter. That's gotta hurt. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not when it goes to infrastructure __________________________________________________________________________________-_________________________-____________________
  • Project Ocean and Project Cedar must be expensive.
  • Dang.......a net loss of more than a million dollars for each new account. No bueno! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, who's running Sprint? The United States government? Posted via Nexus 6 running on any data plan I want
  • No my friend, that would be the fine Japanese people over at SoftBank lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • I thought it was the Republicans Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nah, then it would only be 500,000 per customer. Posted via Nexus 6 running on any data plan I want
  • That's not just for those new customers. It also includes old customers, as network upgrades are for every customer. That churn is low because network upgrades keep customers. As for gaining customers, I just switched my GSIII back to Sprint for $20. Same price and plan I was getting on their FreedomPop MVNO. Because I choose to use a GSIII over the Note 5, I own a Note 4.
  • The real question is how many of the new subs are tablets (given away for next to nothing) vs actual new subs with phones. You can pad the numbers by having connected devices that don't bring in much MRR.
  • Let's not forget the thousands of layoffs they announced yesterday to cut 1.1 billions in cost. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's why it was only 585 million loss Posted via the Android Central App
  • What? How is that even possible? Sprint has the slowest shit service ever, and restrictive plans resembling ATT and Verizon...I just don't understand why people would want to stay with or join sprint.
  • Well, I'm on Sprint because I have truely unlimited data and enough text and voice to handle the family. Within the metro Atlanta area, I typically get 4G LTE service. My company gets a discount with Sprint. That's why. I think some Sprint bashing is legit, but much is not. Just my 2c Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sprint no longer has any truly unlimited data plan. They will throttle on all plans even grandfathered plans Posted via the Android Central App
  • Throttling and deprioritization on a congested tower after you are one of the 2% who use over 23GB of data/month are 2 different things.
  • Lol... I have what your smoking __________________________________________________________________________________-_________________________-____________________
  • Sprint isn't slow. They are average. Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed? Galaxy Note 4 {Sprint 5.1.1}
  • Interesting, they took 300k plus subs from the virgin mobile and boost mobile v.i.p program and moved them over under sprint postpaid. So they took a hit in the prepaid numbers. A shit ton of wholesale and a very small artificial growth. "a fanboy, DAT that sh...I don't like"
  • Why not compare similar time periods? X vs last year, Y vs last quarter? Posted via the Android Central App powered by Droid Turbo
  • Make that minus one cuz I just left Sprint's sucky ass! Posted via the Android Central App