As a possible reaction to the sweeping changes Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have been making to their plan structure over the last year, Sprint is introducing two new kinds of plans and what it calls an "Unlimited Guarantee". First up is a new plan structure called "Unlimited, My Way", which similarly to other family and "shared" plans lets you build out a plan for multiple people, saving on additional lines all the way up to 10 per account. While the base price per line isn't yet detailed, the plans will offer unlimited data for $30 per month per line, or a cheaper $20 per month option for just 1GB of data. Unlimited, My Way plans can add mobile hotspot in 1GB increments for $10 per month as well.

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On the individual side, a new "My All-In" plan gives a single line of service with unlimited talk (to any phone), unlimited text and unlimited data with 5GB of mobile hotspot for $110 per month. This plan matches its current highest-end unlimited plan, but now throws in the mobile hotspot data at no additional charge. Both My All-In and Unlimited, My Way plans include unlimited calling to any phone or number -- wireline or wireless -- which is an improvement from previous plans that would only offer unlimited calls to mobile numbers.

Long heralding itself as the "truly unlimited" carrier, Sprint is also introducing what it calls the "Unlimited Guarantee" to its customers. This "guarantee" says that if you sign up for Sprint with an unlimited plan of any kind that the carrier will never take away those unlimited features for the life of your account. This means that even after your two-year contract is up, Sprint will never be able to change you off of you unlimited (even unlimited data) plan no matter how its plans change.

It's great to hear a carrier get so serious about never taking away your unlimited plan, but that also implies that Sprint intends to get rid of the unlimited plans or change them in some way going forward. Giving customers that sign up for these plans the security of knowing their unlimited plan won't go away doesn't do a whole lot for customers that sign up down the road after they've been changed. We're seeing the first step in that direction today with introduction of 1GB data buckets and limited mobile hotspot allotments in these new plans, so we'll have to keep an eye on its plan structure going forward.

The new plans will be available starting tomorrow, July 12th.

Source: Sprint