Sprint adds 263,000 subscribers, posts $255 million operating loss, watches LTE start to flicker on

Sprint this morning announced its Q1 2012 earnings. The big strokes are that it added 263,000 postpaid subscribers but posted a $255 million operating loss. (A little less than half of that was for in operating costs for its new "Network Vision" strategy. You have to spend money to make money.)

Sprint now boasts more than 56 million customers (32.8 million postpaid, and 15.3 million prepaid. Churn was up slightly at 2 percent. 

And, yes, Sprint sold some iPhones -- some 1.5 million.

What we're really interested in, of course, is Sprint's LTE rollout. It's still set to have six LTE cities running by  mid-year, and more than 12,000 sites (different than citites) by the end of the year.

Source: Sprint

  • Good for them thats 20mill more a year good things may happen with sprint. I left for the note, but still pull for sprint
  • You left them... directly hurting their bottom line. But you're "Still pulling for them" . . . oh boy.
  • "Sprint now boasts more than 56 million customers (32.8 million postpaid, and 15.3 million prepaid.)" 32.8 million + 15.3 million = 48.1 million, so where does the other 8 million or so come from?
  • Perhaps MVNO subscribers?
  • Don't you love articles that don't report all the information? The other 8 million customers were on wholesale and affiliate accounts. "The company served more than 56 million customers at the end of the first quarter of 2012. This includes 32.8 million postpaid subscribers (29 million on the Sprint platform and 3.8 million on the Nextel platform), 15.3 million prepaid subscribers (13.7 million on the Sprint platform and 1.6 million on the Nextel platform) and approximately 8 million wholesale and affiliate subscribers, all of whom utilize the Sprint platform."
  • Too bad Sprint doesn't tell you that while they upgrade the towers in your area you will be pretty much without service. I live in the Chicago area and the upgrade of towers is taking from March until at least June and during that time you get unreliable service that includes dropped calls, missed calls, and lost text messages. I have given up using my phone anywhere outside of my house and it only works in my house because Sprint sent us an Airave for free because of the issues.
  • Ac double post. Classic.
  • This is horrible news. You can't put a positive spin on losing 255mil.
  • I can. I attribute it to LTE rollout costs.
  • Are they on pace to meet the stupid iPhone quota? Last thing they need is Apple ripping them off on top of all their other financial issues.
  • Sad that Sprint pcs and pac bell pcs (cingular now att). Were first in the game, and while pac bell pcs sold out, turned out to be one of biggest wireless carriers and Sprint still struggles. Get your shit together sprint! Thats what happens for always trying to be so different instead of giving people what they want. One HUGE example is wimax, why the hell bother with a standard no one uses when LTE was the most popular standard? Now you gotta start from scratch and post loses. Meanwhile you shit all over your cuatomers and ass them out of 4G. You guys are the first in 4G? Really? Not in San Diego. I heard that even cricket has 4G in San Diego. No wonder you have loses. You can't sell 4G in more than half the country! Poor salea people. I love you Sprint but please hire some competent people that will pick this company up! Im willing to bet Sprint is going LTE because of the (future) iphone. It takes one phone for a company to make changes. Sad.
  • what is sad is you talking out of your ass.. your on the internet do some research before you post
  • I don't think sprint is going with LTE because of the iPhone. Really??? Is that what you think???
  • I agree that you need to do some more research. There wasn't any LTE when Sprint decided to go with Wimax. Plus they did not create the Wimax network. Clearwire did. Sprint invested in them and uses Clearwires Wimax 4g network. This ended up being a bad thing as Clearwire did not expand as fast as they said thhey would and other carriers went with LTE. This made 4g network sharing impossible.
  • Brilliantly executed 'fact-free' exposé of why Sprint is failing... Bravo!
  • Well put.
  • Your post wreaks of inconsistencies of why Sprint decided to invest in WiMax, when LTE was first released and the reason why they're rolling out with LTE now. Really, it's because of "the futureiPhone?!" *SMH* You should do research before you go off ranting about why you think Sprint has short-comings. You'll look like less of a douche to millions of people reading your post.
  • The other subscribers could be Nextel...
  • It might be "fact free" but you sure don't wanna be the carrier that sells an iPhone 5 LTE that can't access LTE..
  • We will see if an iPhone is ever LTE capable.
  • WIMAX is worthless in a building. It seems a simple test of the technology would have revealed this. Why did they roll out a system that doesn't work indoors? Did they ever test it?
  • Is this a real question? Of course they tested it and it works fine for me indoors (both at my job and in my apartment). Of course its a higher frequency so it doesn't penetrate as well as other frequencies...but to pretend like it can't get through a window is silly.
  • This article is somewhat misleading. You only state the post-paid new subscriber number, but then report the total (pre-paid, post-paid, wholsale, and affiliate) overall subscriber numbers. New customers:
    1,082,000 customers
    ---(-192,000) postpaid subscribers
    ------263,000 on the Sprint platform
    ------(-455,000) on the Nextel platform
    ---489,000 prepaid subscribers
    ------870,000 on the Sprint platform
    ------(-381,000) on the Nextel platform
    ---785,000 wholesale and affiliate subscribers Total customers:
    56 million customers
    ---32.8 million postpaid subscribers
    ------29 million on the Sprint platform
    ------3.8 million on the Nextel platform
    ---15.3 million prepaid subscribers
    ------13.7 million on the Sprint platform
    ------1.6 million on the Nextel platform
    ---8 million wholesale and affiliate subscribers
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