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Sprint cuts Samsung Epic 4G price

In response to the recent launch of the HTC EVO Shift 4G at $149.99, Sprint has reduced the cost of the similar Samsung-made Epic 4G to $199.99 on a two-year contract, down $50 from the previous price. Both phones feature 4G connectivity and a slide-out keyboard, though the Epic boasts a larger 4-inch SuperAMOLED screen, compared with the EVO Shift's 3.6-inch LCD.

In terms of software, the Epic is stuck with Android 2.1 for the moment, while the EVO Shift ships with 2.2.

Ordering your Epic 4G through Amazon (opens in new tab) will save you another $100, making the phone yours for just $99.99. If you're in the market for a 4G phone with a slide-out keyboard on Sprint, then both the Epic and the EVO Shift should serve you well. You can find out more about the Epic 4G and the EVO Shift 4G in our Android devices section. [Sprint on Twitter]

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Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • hey Alex Dobie! the epic has 4 inch screen, evo has 4.3! a i'm soooooo pissed off right now! they need to give us a rebate or credit our accounts. 5 months , no froyo then a price cut? come on!
  • And the Shift has a 3.6 inch screen :)
  • Indeed the Epic is only 4". The Shift is a small 3.6". The Evo is a huge 4.3". I did report the factual error to androidcentral to hopefully get it corrected. Update: Phil saw my Email and corrected it!
  • ha i got mine for $99 black friday sale at sam's club.
  • Me too. Now if they'd just give us froyo.
  • Instead of staying competitive with features and software, Sprint will just make their products look and feel "cheaper".
  • Sprint doesn't have to try to make the Samsung products look cheaper -- they're crap.
  • LOL I see a lot of typos but I know what you mean...
    and I got my epic for 219.95 and a $75 gift card so I'm good...
  • Me and my wife's Shift's come tomorrow! Woohoo, first smartphones for both of us! Surprisingly Sprint ships them next day air for free and you get to skip activation charges buying online as well.
  • The epic sucks assss! Who wants mine......
  • nice. looks like everything is happening but Froyo on the Epic 4G for the billionth time. i cant wait till they post "Epic will not be getting the Froyo update". Ill go right back to my Blackberry. Shame such a powerful phone is getting the short end of the stick......
  • Epic isn't the Flagship phone for Sprint. They want you to buy a Evo. As Kanye would say - Sprint don't like Samsung Epic
  • Cutting the price was probably an indication that they'll never provide Froyo! :-(
    I'm really sorry now that I passed up getting the EVO and went for the Epic. Wrong choice!
  • Do you blame Sprint, HTC gives full support for their Evo and upcoming Evo shift. Samsung however don't even know if gingerbread will even come to the Epic let alone still no froyo.
  • Well I'm running DK28 on mine and it runs awesome! So I'm not really that angry.
  • Coming from a Palm Pre, my plastic phone days are behind me. Even with the Epic having a better screen, processor and hardware keyboard I still chose the Evo. No regrets.
  • You chose the Evo or the Shift?
  • You do realize both the EVO and the Epic are plastic as well? But yes, I used to have a Pre, and it was definitely not the most solid phone.
  • I would be embarrassed if I were Samsung but I know there not. They got the $$$$ and ran with the Epic.
  • I got a white evo from best buy for 99.99 out the door. Got the 2600mah battery from sprint for 45 and it lasts all day streaming music. I'm happy!
  • We will get froyo is the us when every other place other then the us has it, and Samsung is so happy about sells who cares about updates cause they don't but wont there target of 10 million falls short not year there gonna wonder why, I told myself I wouldn't buy another Samsung after the moment but gave this epic a chance and I'm like in between cause I like the screen and the keyboard but that's all, I'm just waiting for the new sprint phones coming this summer...
  • Wow that was the longest sentence i've read in my entire life.
  • Not a lot of advertisement for the Epic.
  • Looks like Epic is going to get decommed soon, like they did with the Moment. Give it another month and the Epic will be down to $150 because Sprint will be announcing a new Samsung phone to replace it with. Assuming the Epic gets Froyo, it looks like that will be the end of support for the Epic. One super late upgrade and done ... Just like they did with the Moment.
  • i jst dont get it. look at the hardware specs of this phone. they are top tier and probably the best phone on sprint based off of pure specs! why so little support??
  • Because Samsung just sucks at supporting their phone. Hopefully it will teach all Epic owners to never purchase a Samsung until they fix this problem.
  • Exactly as stated, Samsung does not offer much after sale support to their phones. They are simply moving on to the next phone they will release to replace the ones they just sold. They look at phone sales like tvs. You don't upgrade tvs, you replace them. They treat their cell phones the same way. HTC has a great reputation of keeping their phones pretty current as best they can. That is why the Samsung bashing and HTC love you read often.
  • Because it's Samsung. As for a reason why Sprint would move a better hardware spec'd phone to the bottom is because hardware specs don't mean anything if the hardware isn't used to it's potential. How would you like to be Sprint and sell a phone with great specs, where the manufacturer says they will update in a given time to not see the update? Normally at the company level, it might not be a problem, but think about all the flack Sprint is taking from it's customers on not seeing the update? Sprint is smart to move the phone down the list since it now has a viable replacement. It'll just be less headaches for them.
  • Yep, they also moved the phone way down the list when you search phones when it used to be right below the Evo. The Shift seems to have taken the Epic's spot as far as Sprint is concerned.
  • I doubt that they'll drop the Epic's price further. The Hero is still $149 on Sprint's site, and we all know the Shift is way better than the Hero. Heck, the Optimus S is only $49 and it's much better than the Hero.
  • I lot of Epic haters here, must be jealous. I love my Epic on 2.2.1
  • I don't think anyone here "hates" the Epic. They hate that it has not been updated to 2.2 when 2.3 is about to be released. It is a legit complaint that seems to follow other experiences with Samsung. I know if I were in the market now for a slider, the Shift would be more attractive in that regard.
  • I have the Epic, and I love it on 2.1 or 2.2. I recently rooted it to mess with 2.2, but the build is a little flaky. I think I'm just going to go back to 2.1 and wait until the official update drops. Losing Flash Player for a little bit isn't going to be the end of my life. But overall, I think the Epic is a fantastic phone. I am certain the Evo Shift will be too, and for many the 3.6" screen will be a great size for what they need.
  • LOL. I think the update will come soon. The Epic is a great pgone. And will be better when Froyo is released. Just be patient.
  • Looking at the epic, transform or Evo shift, I really proffered the samsung's over the shift because of the keyboard. Shift's keyboard feels and look's cheap as hell, and for my taste the screen is too small. Regarding update the only thing I've been enjoining from 2.2 is flash support. so me with an epic, I don't see my self pounding my head because of froyo. Samsung has me cover, I have a lcd tv and hell even my fridge is samsung.
  • Before I had the new version of the Android Market that does not work well on my HTC Tattoo. Now I use Appoke ( which is a social appstore for Android devices and it works really well, don't have any more problems.
  • i bet the shift gets gingerbread before the epic gets froyo.
  • that is absolutely going to happen. samsung dont give two *bleeps*. They mine as well just discontinue the Epic 4G because they don't "feel" like supporting it.
  • That's great, I paid $250 for one in December. Thanks
  • The Epic has been out for over 4 months so a price drop is not unusual, especially since it was priced high to start with. I had an Evo when it was updated to Froyo and the changes were nothing to get excited about IMHO. The Epic has a MUCH better screen and camera and runs faster and smoother even though it is only on 2.1. If Froyo ever comes to the Epic I don't expect to see much difference at all. So far, I am still happy with my Epic!
  • epic fail
  • This is great and everything, but how about an ETA for the release of FroYo already? Sprint/Samsung seem awfully busy raping their customers in the ass.
  • I just bought an Epic last week from Amazon for my son. I just called Amazon to see if I could get them to credit me the $100 difference, and learned that the $99 price is only for new customers, not for upgrades. Bummer. My son likes the Epic very much, by the way. He likes having a keyboard. I have an Evo myself. The screen on the Epic is nice, but I prefer my Evo. They both are very good phones.