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Management filings from Spotify's European parent company have confirmed that Canadian launch is on the way, and that the company's looking at Asian, and South American expansions. While there's no date set for these plans, the filing was written back in April and subsidiaries in each of those regions are already formed. The last geographic expansion for Spotify was in Australia and New Zealand.

As a Canadian, I'm pretty pumped about this, but it all depends on how long it takes for the service to get here. Between Slacker and Songza, there are already a couple of free streaming mobile music services to get comfortable with in Canada. Seeing as Spotify only recently made the radio feature free and unlimited for mobile users, the one real selling point is the desktop client, which can bring up everything from their massive library on demand.  

In any case, it's good to hear that plans are well underway, plus Asia and South America are both huge markets to tackle.  Canadians, having you been holding out for Spotify? Current Spotify users, what's your favorite part of the service? 

Source: WSJ