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Spotify is losing its widget, but will anyone miss it?

What you need to know

  • Spotify is removing the widget on the most recent version of the Android app.
  • The move has upset many users who don't find the notification to be an acceptable replacement.
  • Users can vote on the issue to try to bring back the widget in future versions.

For those of you who love the Spotify widget, you're in for a rude awakening the next time the app updates. That's because Spotify has chosen to remove the widget from the app. The news comes as a surprise to most users after updating to the latest app, but Spotify has a statement regarding the issue on its community.

We're here to let you know that we are retiring the Spotify Widget for Android this week.We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously. We're pouring our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users.You can still easily access the same playback features as well as information about what is playing through the Spotify playback notification and device lockscreen.

According to Spotify, the widget has been removed and the functionality has been replaced by the now playing notification. However, if you've ever used Spotify before, then you know that notification isn't all that reliable. After pausing music, it has been known to disappear on you by the time you're ready to hit play again.

The widget also gave you the ability to start your music at any time without requiring you to open the app. In general, the widget made things easier to enjoy your music with fewer taps.

So far, the move hasn't won over many users, with the community having 35 pages of enraged replies at this time. The consensus seems to be "why remove a feature without a good reason?" And, I have to say, I agree.

For those of you who will miss the Spotify widget, some are finding success installing an older version of the app to bring it back. Spotify is also offering users a way to give feedback by voting to bring the widget back with this post on its Ideas board on the forum. At this time, the Idea post is a little more than a day old and it already has the most votes.

  • I'm ok with the widget going away. I use the notification controls, my smart watch, or my bluetooth receiver without any issues. It seems like more effort to exit an app, swipe to the widget, and tap a button than to pull down notifications from any app you're in and tap a button. You could also just tell Google Assistant to play music from Spotify. Yes, the notification can occasionally disappear, but I've found this happens when Android decides to close/sleep the app to provide resources to other services/apps. I don't use a single widget, and most Android users I know don't use them either.
  • Ah yes, the classic "I don't use it, my one friend doesn't use it, so who cares about anyone else" reply. Always reliable.
  • This comment so much sums up the attitude on this site and certain forums. I do t get it how some people can adopt an attitude of "I dont need or want it so screw everyone else who does" basically. Why are so many people vehemently against having options or choice?
  • Yes!! Wtf I use it daily!
  • Spotify is losing a lot more than it's widget lately. Recently canceled my premium membership. It just isn't what it used to be.
  • They really seem to have been making tons of controversial updates in the past year, I'm on the verge of cancelling too, but I don't think I can be bothered getting used to another app, so guess I'll stick with spotify for now.
  • I cancelled my Spotify Premium then tried using Spotify. What a piece of crap it is without premium! Had to get it back for the moment...
  • This and the fact theres a limit on likes is starting to make me consider alternatives
  • Still loving my Spotify Premium, best music streamer out there IMO. Never used the widget so won't miss it at all since I have AA and also use the notification controls.
  • What were they thinking! I use it all the time. There is no need to clutter the notifications.
  • Was maintaining a simple widget overwhelming their development team? This is the only widget that I use, and it just vanished from my home screen. Companies make head scratching decisions, sometimes.
  • I was so upset when that widget disappeared yesterday! I use it constantly. ☹️ WTF, Spotify?
  • If/When YouTube music gets better I may consider seriously changing though as I can't stand the Spotify app. I did like and use the widget too. Didn't get the point of the change.
  • Let me answer your question: yes, yes we ******* will.
  • It's a shame they treat users like this :/
    I'm using this one (Material Music Widget) now, the dev posted it on the reddit thread.
    Looks and works fine for now.
  • As of 9-9-19 the widget is back. It appears that 16,000+.complaints on the spotify community woke them up to the reality that Android users use the widget.