Spotify Blend launches globally to let friends compare their musical tastes

Spotify Home Tab
Spotify Home Tab (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Spotify announced that its Blend shared playlist has exited beta testing.
  • The feature provides a personalized experience that allows two friends to combine their music tastes.
  • Blend is available to both free and premium users worldwide.

Spotify debuted Blend in June as part of beta testing alongside the "Only You" feature to personalize your listening experience. The new feature is now officially available to all users worldwide with some nifty improvements.

Blend initially allowed two users to combine their favorite songs in a shared playlist. The updated feature now lets you compare your listening preferences with your friends' through a "taste match score". The score will show how compatible your musical tastes are with those of your friend.

Spotify Blend

Source: Spotify (Image credit: Source: Spotify)

To create a shared playlist with a friend, you can simply tap the "Create Blend" option in the For You hub in the mobile app and then select the person you would like to invite. Your friend only needs to accept the invitation and Spotify will take care of the rest like creating a cover art to distinguish each Blend playlist you create.

The service will also generate data stories unique to the both of you, shareable across your social channels. This capability is quite similar to the company's Wrapped feature.

Blend is updated daily and it will gather songs based on what you and your friend listen to in an effort to build a social listening experience on one of the best Android apps. The personalized playlist is now live for free and premium users.

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