Spigen Slim Armor Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

The name gives away what this Galaxy S5 case is all about.


You can tell a lot about a phone case from its name and the Spigen Slim Armor for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is absolutely no exception. What it offers is sturdy all round protection without adding significantly to the overall form of the phone.

It's a one piece, plastic case that fits nice and snug around the phone. The back and edges are completely sealed in with raised volume and power buttons while the charging port, IR blaster and the headphone jack are all left exposed. Round the front the case provides a decently thick lip to protect the glass from any face down falls.

The back of the Slim Armor isn't soft touch but it is dimpled like the back of the Galaxy S5. In the metal slate finish of the one we have here it looks pretty stylish offset against the rubberized black top and bottom. The dimpled part of the case actually detaches so if you can lay your hands on some different colors you can just swap them out on the fly without having to keep popping your phone in and out of a case.

The Slim Armor features something called an air cushion shock absorption system to protect the phone against those bumps and drops, and whatever it is seems to work. While we're no advocates of drop tests, an unintentional fall from about 5 feet while wearing this case resulted in absolutely no ill effects on the phone. It's certainly tough enough to protect from the daily grind and looks pretty good while it's doing it.

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