Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ review: Dual-layer perfection

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Price: $15.99Bottom line: This case is well-styled, well-made, and well protects my Galaxy S9+, and it does it so well that I don't want to take it off ever again.


  • +

    Stunning colors and rich Herringbone texture

  • +

    Wide port cutouts and grippy buttons

  • +

    Moderate protection without feeling bulky


  • -

    Color options should be mix-and-match

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In a sea of smartphone cases, standing out without being tacky, glittery, or in many circumstances, both, can be next to impossible. But some rise to the top for their suave sensibility, their fashionable functionality, and their detailed durability. Spigen is one of the top names in smartphone cases because their cases have risen to the top time and time again for their useful ubiquity, and the Spigen Neo Hybrid case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the latest in a long line of Spigen cases to slip the surly bonds of mediocrity and touch the face of perfection.

And if it ever slips the bonds of my pockets, I'm confident the Neo Hybrid will keep my phone safely secure in its sophisticated embrace.

Camera cutouts are classic

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ What I like

I've been reviewing quite a few cases in recent weeks, and while there have been a lot of cases I've liked, the Spigen Neo Hybrid is the first one that I can say without hesitation that I absolutely adore.

The case's Herringbone-textured back is smooth but grippy in the hand, and the sculpted curves of the polycarbonate hardshell look stylish and sturdy in equal measure. The port cutouts are wide and well-rounded, playing nice with boxy USB-C cables and OTG adapters, and the slope leading to the fingerprint sensor isn't as wide as the Ringke Onyx, but it perfectly guides the index finger to the intended sensor.

Hybrid cases are traditionally more protective that single-layer TPU cases, but they also have a reputation for being a bit of a pain to get on and off. Not the Neo Hybrid, which slips off easily when you push at one of the bottom corners. The layers of this hybrid case merge together especially well, sitting beautifully flat where the polycarbonate frame runs across the back of the case near the bottom ports. The Neo Hybrid feels none of the bulk other hybrid cases suffer from, feeling slim and solid in the hand.

Focus on me

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ What I'm still wishing for

This case is just about perfect. It's protective without being too bulky. It's textured but works well with phone grips. Every USB-C case and headphone cable I tried with the Neo Hybrid fits without any fuss. Even the color options for the Neo Hybrid are great. In fact, the only problem is that you can't mix and match the colors without buying two cases. I'd love to try the Burgundy with the Satin Silver frame, or the Black with the Satin Silver frame.

My new favorite case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+

Spigen has hit a home run with the Neo Hybrid Case for the Samsung Galaxy S9+, and with the classic silver/navy color pairing in the Arctic Silver model, I believe I have a new daily driver case. It's sophisticated and suave, and from my navy Phonster holster to my daily jeans and graphic tees, this case seems to go with everything, and it complements my Coral Blue Galaxy S9+'s cerulean class in a way even most other blue cases have not.

5 out of 5

At $15.99, the Neo Hybrid isn't the cheapest hybrid case on the block, but it's a flawless case with style, sturdiness, and svelte sexiness, and it's well worth its price tag. As a matter of fact, I think I might spring for that Burgundy model for a little extra pop during special events.

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