SPB Time for Android

SPB Software has been making a name for itself on Android.  Initially causing a stir with it's $15 launcher in SPB Shell 3D and then recently following up with SPB Wallet and now SPB Time.  SPB has been around for quite a while on other platforms, most recently reinforcing their portfolio with Android.  With this addition, SPB is essentially on every mobile operating system now.  Now that you're caught up with a little SPB info, let's take a dive into their newest Android offering, SPB Time.

Why do you need a time application if Android has one built-in, alarms and everything?  Well the answer is, SPB Time makes Android's preloaded app look, well, very boring and downright rude!  Boring and rude, you say?  How can a very functional app (that quite possibly is responsible for waking you up each and every morning) be boring and rude?  Well I have two words for you -- skins and bio.

If those two words have you intrigued, follow me after the break if you have time! ;)

Source: SPB Software

SPB Time is chock full of awesome functionality, visualizations, and customizations.