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The SoundCloud app for Android now includes clipping, recording pause, and fade-in/fade-out editing options. Right now, the app is still more about flipping through the most recently-posted tunes, but these are certainly welcome tools for those looking to do some light editing before posting anything from the field. There are a few features that are coming to the iOS version that aren't included, like Private Listening, which allows users to use the phone earpiece instead of the loudspeaker. 

SoundCloud, as you might know, is a a social network for sharing all sorts of audio, including (but not limited to) music, podcasts, and sound effects. The timeline system uis really cool, in that it allows users to leave comments at specific points throughout a track. 

While smartphones aren't really widely-used for Serious Business when it comes to video production, it's much easier to imagine them finding a home among those recording audio. With the right microphone and apps like SoundCloud, it's pretty easy to get time-sensitive content out into the wild. 

Audiophiles, how do you use SoundCloud? Do you do a lot of editing on your Android devices? Which apps do you use?

Source: SoundCloud