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We need your help for this week's podcast!

Every week we come to you live for the Android Central Podcast to talk about everything going on during the week. It's a great way for all the Editor's here to share some personal thoughts on everything that has been going on, but also a great way to chat with anyone who sends us questions, comments, or voicemails. This week, we're going to be doing things a little differently. Instead of looking at the news from this week, we're going to stick to one topic. Specifically, we're going to take a critical look at Android and talk about the things we like from all over the mobile world.

In order to do this right, we need you to participate as well. Use the comments section below to talk about things you don't think work well, things you'd like to see Google implement from elsewhere, and anything you see as a useful direction for the future of Android. We'll add your thoughts to ours, and take the podcast in a slightly different direction this week.

We're also going to be broadcasting the live part of the Android Central podcast at a different time this week. Instead of our usual Friday spot, you can catch us live on Wednesday, September 16th at 4pm Eastern. You can expect the audio version to hit your podcatcher of choice shortly after, as usual.

Russell is a Contributing Editor at Android Central. He's a former server admin who has been using Android since the HTC G1, and quite literally wrote the book on Android tablets. You can usually find him chasing the next tech trend, much to the pain of his wallet. Find him on Facebook and Twitter

  • Hey, I can actually watch live this week! SCORE!!! Also, can we talk about how pitiful most music-based alarm clocks are at this point? I've been relying on Tasker to hit play in Google Play Music for three years now. And Motorola Assist already has the pieces, they just need to put them together. Assist can turn on your music in the car, just allow Assist to turn on the music when your Sleeping time is over. Or, y'know, put an alarm function in Play Music already!!!
  • I watched live for the first time last week, and for some reason it was much more exciting than watching the playback. Might even be fun to watch it with a friend... :) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Watching live is the best! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Simple: Google needs to build their own phone. Not a phone based on other devices. A handset thats designed start to finish by Google. Sorta like the Pixel laptop. If Google throws their hat into the ring and advertise that device, it may motivate OEMs to cool it on all the unneccessary customizations.
  • I 100% agree. The hardware is so fragmented. With my latest purchase I wanted a phone that would stand next to the iPhone in terms of screen quality and camera quality, as well as a solid build. My options really begin and end with Samsung. You can throw lg into the mix, but I don't think the screen quality is there. HTC is good enough, but not great at camera. Moto is going high end mid range. Now I have a Note 5 and I love it, but I'm not going to get marshmallow for a while. I'm not experiencing android the way Google wants me to. I could get a Nexus, but if past history is a guide, they aren't spending the money on the camera tech necessary. And yes, I'm sure it'll be good enough. But I want great. Everything is a tradeoff. Granted, you look at Apple and it's all tradeoff. You get one phone, big or small. But that one phone generally has everything hardware wise. If I could run Android on Apple hardware I'd do that in a second. Android needs to take over the Nexus program, re do it with a commitment to making their own phone that's ultra high end across the board with Android the way Google wants you to experience android.
  • The screen quality on the G3 was definitely lacking, but the G2 and G4 have excellent displays. I wouldn't rate them higher than the last two gens of HTC's Super LCD 3, but they're notably better than the one on the M9. LG definitely holds their own against Apple. As for a genuine Google phone - I'd like to see one, but just for novelty's sake. I really can't see them doing anything more on their own than they've done with OEM partners. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I had a G2 and was absolutely in love with the display. As for the G4, I probably spoke without enough evidence, I've only really seen the display on an in-store display unit, and only once. Who knows how that display was treated. I'm absolutely in love with the display on the Note 5. To my eyes, it's the best out there. Another thing I was thinking recently with all the Apple news last week. Their 3D Touch idea could be groundbreaking and huge, or could be a novelty. Depends on how well it works and how well integrated it is. Personally, I think it's a tremendous idea with a ton of potential, I'm always looking for new ways to interact with my phone (swipe launchers, link bubble, hold recents button to get to last app), anything to save a few seconds here and there. But whether 3D touch works or not, it's something Apple can do much better than Google because they control hardware and software. Google can integrate it, but it's such a technical hardware thing (and probably not cheap) that many OEMs won't follow due to cost. Samsung or LG or HTC may do it on their own, but then it's only to work on their devices and with their software. What's the solution? I don't think there is one really. Google could build support, but I feel like it'd be the kind of thing they'd need to work with a hardware partner on and let other OEMs take it from there.
  • Obviusly not actually the iphone hardware:) on android that thing would run so shit... 1gb of ram? don't think so
  • Didn't they do that with the G1? Boy, that was an ugly bastard.
  • G1 was made by HTC. So not exactly Google designing it from start to finish. I would love to see what would happen if Google took over the hardware and software. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Could not agree more. Google should just step up and change the smartphone market like it is (subtly) changing the carrier market. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You're better off getting an iPhone if those are your wishes. Android is open source. Google has no interest in working with only one phone. Their goal is to have Android running in most phones as they can. The Nexus program is more for developer's than anything else. It's also a good way to show their latest OS. But that's about it. I don't think they are and ever will be too worried about having the best camera, screen etc. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That sounds good in theory. But would anyone be able to afford it? Look at the cost of the pixel compared to other chromebooks. I guess you could say that you should actually be comparing it to higher end laptops rather than other chromebooks...
  • Hardware fragmentation is an issue that Apple, Microsoft, and Blackberry don't have because the software and hardware are unified. Jerry Hillenbrand wrote a great piece a few weeks ago about why he prefers the Nexus over other flagships -- because hardware and software are mated from the start. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I want to see Google write some camera software that's actually good. None of the Nexus phones so far have been particularly powerful shooters, but they've had some kind of increased potential. The image processing on Google's end needs to improve a lot. And that also includes shutter speed for the Nexus phones.
  • Android auto being more of a touch based screen cast of your phone. If your head unit isn't android auto, maybe an app with multi tiles like the split screen Samsung has with Google search with voice commands up front, maps taking up part if a split screen, music tiles etc. I've used different car apps with mph displays and such, but really wished someone could do something different so that I had the info at a glance and my hands on the wheel.
  • Would love a Google designed phone that would be cool and better advertising - I've only ever seen a couple of Android adverts here in the UK. Software updates need to be improved, only 20% of devices running lollipop and it's a year old. Would also love for Google to give Google drive some chromecast support. Posted via the Android Central App
  • A few weeks ago I updated my Note 3 to 5.0 - to be honest battery life has suffered quite a lot. So is 5.0 a bit thirsty? Should I have waited a bit longer to get 5.1.? In other words, are all - "regular" updates to Android distributed by my phone manufacturer, a good thing? Or should we be more cautious; and do a full reset before or after installing a big update? In the past all my update experiences HAVE been good. I even like the look and feel of 5.0 - But it has delivered worse battery life than I was used to. Any advice fro the AC team. . . ? Awesome AC.
  • Samsung rushed out 5.0, because people wanted faster updates and didn't properly test it long enough to squash hardware to software issues. Because if we are being honest, Google writes Android's code to work best with Nexus hardware, because Nexus phones are always the go to for good a software experience. I wouldn't say you have to hesitant of future updates but definitely inquire into how thoroughly tested the code from Google was before it was pushed out to you. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I really wish Google could exercise more control over the manufacturer skinning. I know Android is open, and I don't think that should change. But Google should continue to leverage the value of google services as a stick to whip manufacturers into shape. There's really no good reason manufacturers need to be designing their own notification shades, settings menus, etc., when modern builds of Android (5.0+) already do that very well. So Google should set stricter standards to prevent OEM skinning nonsense. OEMs can go to town with their own apps, but stop messing with the base UI and UX! If OEMs won't play ball... well, good luck pleasing your customers without the google suite of apps and services.
  • Could not agree more. In most cases, Google would be doing them a favor. I loved the idea of the Google Play Edition phones a few years ago but it never took off. I would have loved to see a G4 with stock and no bloat. That would have been the phone of the year, hands down. Posted from my LG G4 via the Android Central App
  • I like where you're going but Android is about choice and that's why the other OEM's have to stand apart otherwise this would just be Apple with phones that look different but all run the exact same. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung is the worst here. I have no clue WTF they were thinking with their settings menu. Such a cluttered mess with no consistency or logical placement of options.
  • Exactly.
    I used to root my phones and don't anymore. But I have 3 calendars on my phone because I don't like motos stock calendar and wisgets, etc. Allow skinning to be a removable option along with pre-installed apps is a must. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's an interesting way to approach the problem. Google solved the launcher issue by offering the Now launcher in the Play store. What if they made all of the skinning elements replaceable. That way if you want Samsung's notification shade, you can have it. But if you prefer Google's, well just download it and replace it.
  • Well, there are third party launchers, and some skins (imho) are better than stock. They may struggle in the camera department, but HTC has software down pretty much better than everybody. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Buy a nexus.. Move along Posted via the Android Central App
  • I had the Nexus 5, skipped the Nexus 6, and plan to get one of the new Nexi that come out this fall. But you know what the problem with Nexus phones is.... they're never quite "all there" in terms of hardware. Close. Very close. But not quite. Especially the camera. That's the one thing that I want the new Nexus phones to really do better. I want a Nexus phone with a camera on par with an iPhone camera.
  • There is when Google designs butt-ugly settings, notification trays etc. Like it has been happening lately (specially since Lollipop). Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd guess you are in the minority on this one. But to each his own. That's why I like the idea of a more modular UI. Break stuff up (like how they have done with the launcher) so we can all do what we want.
  • I agree that Google has done a great job with Androids UI but it is the OEMs that have distorted Googles overall View. Samsung and LG may have the most popular devices but they try to mimic Apples OS. Google should try to limit and push OEMs to keep a consistent UI across all devices.
  • @cbryancan: I agree, I prefer manufacturers that don't put their own skin on top of Android (Motorola, Nexus devices, etc). But I think that Google needs to continue to allow OEMs to put their own mark on Android, so that people have a choice. You can solve the problem a bit with a 3rd party launcher (I have a Moto X and I use Nova Launcher, not a big fan of the Google Now launcher). You can also vote with your wallet, and purchase devices from manufacturers that do not skin over Android, or that do so lightly, although I know that involves other trade-offs. I like "tony bag o donuts" idea of allowing people to remove skins. TouchWiz is the #1 reason I have not purchased a Samsung device (outside of my Galaxy Nexus). I probably would have purchased a Note at some point I could have made the entire UI look like stock Android without having to root, and if they would let me uninstall all of their redundant apps.
  • Will we be seeing Android Marshmallow by end of this month? And when will we have an idea of the 30 or so phones makes and models that will be running SD 820 Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would like to see someone, anyone, make physical money a thing of the past. It is theoretically possible with Google wallet, but no one I know uses it. I use it as my primary way to manage my spending money along with Google MasterCard. But even today if my office is ordering food, I can't just pay for everything and have people send me the money in wallet or even PayPal because of poor adoption. PayPal has no NFC and charges fees. Apple has no person-to-person way to send money. Google has everything right. They need to really target college kids and their families. They need to start an ad campaign. It is a waste of a great service. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Battery life and marketing are where android are losing to apple Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'll agree with you on the marketing part, but your wrong about the battery life. If you're gonna compare Android to iPhone, use Android flagship phones as a benchmark to compare the two. The Note 5 and other big phones from other companies is a good place to start... Posted via the Android Central App
  • And what about the S6? Easily costs 3x more than the Moto G, and still manages to have worse battery life. This is significant because a) they took away the removable battery and b) is about the only flagship smaller than 5.5" that's halfway decent.
  • Yea my gs6 battery life is terrible...but the phone is gorgeous and the camera is top notch! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Personally, I don't think the phone being shiny is an adequate excuse for crappy battery life.
  • I've had an S6 edge and I currently have both an iPhone 6 and an S6 Edge+, with a short stint of the iPhone 6 plus in between. I agree with you that the S6' battery life is terrible, but the iPhone 6 (regular) is just as bad. The 6 plus is another story, but it's not as good as the S6 Edge+. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I own several iPhones, including the 6, along with two HTC M8's. All of these phones are active and in use right now. The iPhones do pretty good on standby. They fall short when you actually use them. The M8 also does well on standby, but unlike the iPhones, you can use them hard and they still have power to spare. Some of my kids carry their Lightning cable in their pocket so they recharge their dead iPhone on the way home from work or school. My personal M8 just got down to 30%, and has not seen the charger in almost three days. Posted via the Android Central App
  • RETWEET Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would really love to see you guys touch on Android Pay. What are the benefits of using your phone rather than a regular card and what makes it more secure. I think this is something that the common consumer could easily become accustomed to if attention is brought to it... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would really love to see XGELS get implemented by Google, especially with the new system ui tuner coming in Marshmallow. They may not need all the settings, but there are some things I'd really love to have in the Google Now Launcher such as grid size, icon packs, etc. And i know I can install 3rd party launchers, and have tried several, but I always end up going back.
  • I agree. I like the extra customization, but GEL is the better user experience with a launcher speed and fluid wise. Just the basic extra options would do wonders for many I think. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What's up with sound quality through the headphone jack? It has always been terrible or terribly low. The only phone series that's been decent so far is the HTC One line. I see a couple other manufacturers like ZTE taking interest but where are LG, Samsung, Motorola, and wait for it....gasp, Sony!? People spend all this money on Beats which is somewhat decent now but then they plug it into their phones...Why is no one capitalizing on this? I think it'd be incredibly difficult to properly implement but I'd like to see that race get started. I'm tired of carrying my DAP as well as my phone especially when going out.
  • No clue what you're talking about. My G4 sounds great through the headphone jack. Posted from my LG G4 via the Android Central App
  • Which phones are you comparing to? Apple? The sound quality on my s6 edge and now s6 edge+ is easily on part with my iPhone 6. The LG G4 which I tried briefly was not great and the Nexus 6 was just ok, but better than the LG. So it depends on which phones. Samsung is very good from my perspective. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung headphone quality on the current models is excellent. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you're using the headphone jack and not the USB plug for audio on a flagship Android phone, you're doing it wrong. Get a pair of z:ero micro-USB headphones with a DAC+AMP and hear how your music is supposed to sound.
  • I think a podcast listener giveaway would be awesome, maybe the device featured in the podcast. Only give the entry url in the podcast and give only 2-3 days to enter. I meAn you do have some AWESOME mate s's lying around.. Oh yea and one of those for the idea.. :) love the show though. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is regarding gaming and I realize that to some it may be sacrilegious: why oh why do MOST games run smoother, load faster, etc on iOS? I'm an all around mobile fan and if I had to pick a side, I'd go with Google and android but I must admit that when it comes to gaming, iOS is where it's at. Why is this? It bothers me to no end.
  • We are seeing a broader android than ever before. Auto, Wear, TV, etc. Where is the next Avenue going to take us and solve a problem we didn't know we had. And are all these iterations of Android really solving problems? Or creating them... Wear comes to mind when thinking if it's helping or hurting, or even necessary. Thanks guys Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why can't Google link family member's photos into one big happy pool so that we can all view them from our accounts. The closest I can get is sharing each of our Photos folders with each other in Drive. Viewing them in drive is kind of klunky. I still can't believe that this feature has been overlooked. I have other solutions like Dropbox and Plex but I was hoping that Google would have resolved this by now. Maybe you could talk about how you guys have resolved this problem.
  • You can do this, create an album on G Drive and if your whole family has a Google account just add them to those who can view the album/folder. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Albums are limited to 1000 photos and require effort placing photos into them. Unless they have changed this limitation; sharing the Photos Folder in Drive with each other has been the best option as it seems to be unlimited and automatic since it is the default location for your photo storage.
  • Given Google's dominance in search, I think they should have held on to and further developed Google Reader and what was a rather weak and rarely touched app, Google Listen. As a matter of fact, I wish Google had used more resources developing Reader and Listen (or another name for a podcast app) than they did for Google Plus. So, my two cents: Google should bring back those two apps in a big new material-ly way allowing easy sharing between account users. No doubt there are currently plenty of good RSS aggregator and podcast apps out there, however adding these apps would help round out Google's internet services quite a bit.
  • For manufacturer skins, I think Google should implement new guidelines to make sure the experience is uniform across devices. I'm not saying the skins should go away since it would be rather boring if everything had a stock android look to it, but some manufacturers like to do things a little bit differently and it doesn't always lead to the best user experience. Posted via the AC app
  • Completely agree, plus this could help with the slower rollout of upgrades. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd love to be able to "call" Google now for voice commands in your car like how you can "call" Cortana on Windows Phone.
  • I can see very frequent updates coming from Google for all the Google apps. Does anybody know why and Google can you please do this more efficiently? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd like to see Phil stop trying to be so dramatic all the time. I stopped listening first to the first three minutes of the podcast because of that, and stopped altogether because it's all through them.
  • Examples? Via the Moto X Classic
  • I wish Google would come up with a proper answer to iMessage and Facetime, aka improve Hangouts. Hangouts should be the default messaging apps(able to be changed but meaning that you lose the ability to have its ease of communication). Hangouts can do IM, SMS, video, along with its gifs and stickers. However it isn't being pushed enough nor do I think being taking seriously enough by Google devs. Years have gone by and they have made a new messaging app that includes much more customization and has pop up messaging. Hangouts if given a better name to commercialize with the public and tweaked to add in long asked for features/crush bugs could very well be the answer to ease of message others with an Andorid all from one app. If Apple and BB could figure out why can't Google with it's Holy Grail of resources? Posted via the Android Central App
  • This x 10000! All you have to do is look at iMessage to see what Google can do with Hangouts. It'd be great if it would automatically default to Hangouts when messaging someone with an Android phone, and switch to SMS for contacts with other devices. I don't know why Google hasn't done this already, but perhaps part of the problem is that OEMs put their own default SMS apps on phones, which I'm assuming a lot of average consumers never bother to change.
  • I'm sure that the OEMs play a role but I also don't see why Hangouts isn't the default and we are given the choice to choose otherwise if we want. That way people would have a better chance of adopting as iOS users did iMessage. The only thing I truly think Apple has over Google is the ease of communication with that app amongst those users, of course Facetime. It just kills me that Hangouts does it all and Google has yet to refine software to make it a boss. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I know somebody complained about this last week, but it's annoying to see that most flagships these days are whales. I don't think there was a single high end phone this year smaller than 5.5" that was worth a damn, unless you like hunting for a charger before 3pm. Also, we need more high-end Android tablets, ESPECIALLY below 9".
  • The ability to remove all the apps that come preinstalled on my phone, with the exception of those necessary for communications, like the dialer app. I usually go with Nexus phones because it has less stuff I want to remove, but with other manufacturers, I hate having multiple music apps, calendar apps, etc.
  • I would like to see more Richard Devine on the podcast. Much like Alex, he adds more from a global perspective when it comes to electronics. Google camera needs a serious overhaul on Motorola devices, it's tired and could use a refresh. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This whole podcast is garbage without the fine words, wisdom, and insight of the one and only Jerry! Phil is second place, followed by everyone else. But this podcast is only worth the time because Jerry is the God of Android and we are not worthy! All hail Jerry! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Richard is now Managing Editor of Windows Central, hence his "disappearance" ;) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can you please talk about the current state of security in Android. I understand it is supposed to be the platform where the user has more freedom and control, but there needs to be a serious look at prelection user data. I honestly think there should be one version of Android across all hardware manufacturers, and if the want to add a skin or crapware they can use AOSP. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I want to see more focus on Android TV...its a gorgeous platform with lots of little things to offer but I want it to Integrate search across all of the streaming services like apple TV and I want to feel like it is not going to be abandoned like the Google TV which I owned and actually enjoyed(minus the slow azz browser) I don't believe they mentioned much of it since its inception and I am not sure they fully believe in it since hardware has been very scarce and support tepid. Please Google don't leave poor Android TV to be next Google TV. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't know if these are Lollipop issues or Samsung issues, but
    1) Kitkat had more options on the lock screen, you could choose multiple apps for the lock screen and even multiple widgets. On Lollipop, it is weather, clock, phone, camera and notifications and that's it. A lot of lost functionality with Kitkat.
    2) Bluetooth connectivity with the car trends to be a little iffy on Samsung and other Lollipop phones, did not have any issues under Kitkat. This is a serious problem for people that use hands-free in your car. Google and/or Samsung needs to fix these issues. Posted via the Android Central App
  • How about making it easier to root and put on custom ROMs. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I agree with shouldn't need a computer science degree, plus 12 hours of work, and risk destroying your phone to have the opportunity to fully experience what an Android phone can offer. Posted via the Android Central App
  • We should talk about the non-benefits of a invite system. Posted via The Next Big Thing. My Samsung Galaxy Note 5!
  • Right now, i am really happy with Android at the OS level, the only gripe i have is that they haven't done anything in the Camera software department. There seems no reason to me that Google can't afford to purchase some camera software so that the Nexus cameras can take great pictures.
  • Despite several different initiatives over the years between Google and the OEM's to get more devices on the latest OS version, fragmentation remains an issue. Something seriously needs to be done about it. If I want the latest software right away my only choices shouldn't be Nexus or flash a custom rom.
  • How about discussion on the end game strategy for Google, specifically Android?
    Part of my job is understanding corporate and brand strategy. I have no idea what Google is doing. I simply cannot follow a consistent steam of logic and intention in their plethora of app creation followed by app obsolescence, service creation then service retirement, redundant products, and rebranding. I'm a fan of Google, and more specifically Android, but I'm just lost as to their overarching plan and direction. Confused. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Android and business. In the past 4 years, I've tried to use an iPad (iOS), a Nexus 7 (Android) a Dell Venue 8 Pro and a Toshiba Encore 2 Write (both Windows 8.1) to help me with work. I'm a service advisor for an HVAC equipment distributor and my industry just doesn't play well with anything but Windows. I hated the iPad because it wasn't flexible enough for me. I loved the Nexus 7 for play and casual use but it didn't do the things I needed for work. Google Drive just doesn't cut it in a MS Office world. The two Windows tablets seemed OK, but 8.1 kinda sucked on a tablet. Currently, I don't use a tablet because they just don't offer the convenience I hoped they would bring. I love Android, but unless your job is cloud based, it's not that great for business. I'd love to see some innovation on this. I don't have the answer, I guess that's why I fix air conditioners. By the way, I currently use a Note 4 and the sole reason is because if the removable battery (talking to you, Andrew). I LOVED my 2013 Moto X but after 18 months of daily use and abuse, the non-replaceable battery couldn't make it 5 hours without a recharge. Batteries wear out before phone contracts do (employer provided phone, they still do the contract thing). That's why removable batteries matter. Love the show, I'm looking forward to this one. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It would be great if all Google phones have the ability to be updated to use WiFi calling with T-Mobile. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would love to see:
    -a move back to microSD support from Google and all manufacturers for personal data and backups not reliant on the cloud and easy to move to new devices. Not hard to do with a non-removable battery. See Moto X Pure. -All phones carrier unlocked with unlocked bootloaders available for purchase independently of carriers. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh, and the Google play music app has a wretched interface that makes it confusing and non-intuitive to manage and/or delete cloud and local stored tracks and play lists. Also stop pushing Google play music unlimited within the app after the first decline is entered. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Regarding managing downloads, just open the music app, go to settings, and select "manage downloads". You can see all the downloaded content there, and "un-pin" things easily, they are all in one list.
  • The last few launches of Nexus devices have been frustrating. I wonder if google will underestimate demand yet again?
  • How about the lack of new android tv devices? The razor seems like a great middle of the road device but still no Netflix. What gives? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Id like to see Android run as smoothly as iPhone or WIndows phone in terms of navigating the UI. It still isn't on par with them after all these years. Yes, even on a Nexus. What needs to be done to change this?
  • I wish Trusted Places worked for me. I lost a great app that kept me unlocked when on home wifi and Android broke it, and replaced it with a Trusted Places feature that doesn't work. I've tried countless things to get it to work and have since given up. I've a shortcut to security settings that let's me quickly set a pin if I feel I need one. But it'd be nice if the feature actually worked. Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App
  • Google really needs to work on the smoothness of Android. There's really no reason why Android shouldn't be operating at or close to 60 fps at all times. It really irks me that we're still seeing stuttering and slowdown even from phones with high end processors.
  • have you tried using Tasker? Should be a great workaround to turn on/off your lockscreen protection for trusted places as .e.g when connecting to your home wifi.
  • Nope, no go. oh, the profile works great. And as soon as it switches on Android Pay says ' enable a secure lockscreen in five minutes or your cards will be removed.' so i guess it's either convenience or Android pay for me thanks to the useless "smart" lock.
  • Custom rom features including those from Android OEMs that Google should consider integrating into stock Android.
  • Bring back Google Play editions. Force every OEM to offer at least one for every flagship if they want to play in the Android space. That way, those of us who love say Samsung phones, but hate the bloat and long waits for upgrades have an option. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Stock android could use some multi-window action. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Put an emphasis on fitness tracking. Both on software side from phone and on the android wear platform. It makes no sense why fitbit and jawbone and all these other companies can make software better than google in this regard. Bring a social platform to google fit so it can be immersive and interactive with other android wear users. Google plus already exists so this would seem like a no brainer to offer this integration. Iphone has a better emphasis on health than android does and it was released after. I understand google fit is supposed to be a hub for other services but its very difficult to have to explain to my mother that she needs to download 4 or 5 different apps just to get proper integration and social networking features for working out. Make it seemless and allow for users to just use google fit if they so choose to instead of having to download 3rd parties. Integrate: Social networking, food tracking (hell at least fluid intake), the ability to connect 3rd party heart rate monitors to android wear devices for hardcore athletes who want more accurate heart rate tracking (makes no sense why this isnt possible), and daily heart rate monitoring feature (similiar to moto body). Is this too much to ask?
  • My wife and I, between us have LG, and ZTE phones both running Lollipop 5.1.1. I'm really enjoying the ZTE because it has better screen handling. We bought these last month, and haven't really had time to explore all options.
    We also have three older tablets, two are rooted, one running a wonderful Cyanogenmod 4.4.4, the other running an Alpha version of Omnirom 5.1.1 that's still a bit buggy. Actually, there's been so much improvement in software and hardware that it's been an incredible roller coaster ride. My suggestions:
    1. Beef up the Rom so that you never struggle with memory hogs.
    2. Have trash cleaners and ram boosters built into the OS so that you never have to fool with these again.
    Restore external sd cards to all devices. Cloud storage is often unreliable. Posted via the Android Central App
  • More Flagship phones 5.2" and under with excellent battery life.
  • Let's talk about fragmentation, OS and security updates. The security and OS updates should go from Google / Android STRAIGHT to manufacturers (Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc). Waiting for phone carriers to release such updates and waiting for them for months and even years is INEXCUSABLE !!!
  • AND I thought the reason why Google bought Motorola was they can EXCLUSIVELY build their Nexus devices?!? So why in the hell are they still using different companies (LG, Huawei) to build their Nrxus devices ?!?
  • Umm... You do know that Google sold Moto to Lenovo, right? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I want to see more... modularity (I think that's the best word for it) in software - as in, be able to separate the core OS from different components so that manufacturer/device specific software could be updated separately while still maintaining the freedom and options Android enjoys now. The UI/UX component could be easily done with a Google version of a Theme Engine/Layers (so companies like Samsung can have their custom look without needlessly reinvention the wheel), but the base layer would need to work like Drivers/DLLs in Windows does now and I don't know how that would look. Posted via something running something it's not supposed to
  • I'd like to discuss Android TV and the incredibly slow adoption and lack of devices (the Shield is awesome but obviously not for everyone). Not to mention the lack of apps, although I'm impressed Disney is supporting it with their Disney Movies Anywhere coming out tomorrow I think. Also, I really need Amazon to release their Instant Video app for Android TV. The fact that they specifically block the app from the Sony TV from working on other Android TV boxes is ridiculous. I love Android TV and want it to grow and thrive but it feels like Google just threw it out there and expected manufacturers to do all of the work... Posted via the Android Central App
  • App updates other phones apps are better such as snap chat on the iPhone which is able to switch from front facing to back camera during the process of recording just lil things like that and also improve the camera. Adding a app lock feature that comes with the phone in order to protect your photos and so on from whoever you allow to use your device that you don't want getting into all of that. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I want Google to own the OS Updates from top to bottom. No more of this manufacturer+carrier crap. There needs to be a more consistent Android experience. Skins and launchers are one thing, and can likely be managed outside of the OS updates.
  • I'm waiting patiently for Google to wake up and reveal their version of the Amazon Echo. Take my money Google!
  • Also, more device support for Project Fi and a lower base price point would be nice....
  • All I want is "OK Google" & Smartthings hub integration. I want to be able to say "OK Google", turn off lamp. And doing so without having to download 15 apps to do it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Battery life. Period and semicolon... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Misread the post. Reading is hard... New answer: push OEMs to make a smother android experience throughout the entire android landscape. Posted via the Android Central App
  • For the podcast, perhaps we could discuss why NOBODY has a complete Android backup solution. The HTC backup worked well under Kit Kat, but failed me twice under L. Avast backup promised to do the job, but has failed me every time, as did their phone support. Google will re-install your apps, but not the associated data (even when told to in settings) , and not apps from any other source. I want the modern equivalent of BackupMan for Palm OS: Launch that one app, select restore, and your device is put back EXACTLY like it was before... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Google does need a cross-device answer to iMessage and Facetime where Android users get the fluidity and ease of use. It's the only thing I really miss about my iPhone.
  • I would love to hear some discussion on the progression of Project Ara and its possibilities. Most concerns or gripes about current phones can be solved with Ara. Want a great camera with mid range everything else? Slide in the module. Want literally top spec everything? Ara. I'm excited for it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd like to see something like 3D Touch from the iPhone 6s. Like, long press actions or something. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have a Note 4 and it's the first phone I have that's not an iPhone. It has been great but Google services are what swayed me to android more than Samsung build quality or Galaxy Apps. I long for a day where Android Wear can detect my sleep automatically or keep track of a weightlifting workout like sets and reps. Is that science fiction or will that happen in years to come? Btw I'm hoping to get a new Nexus.
  • I'm a longtime Android user/enthusiast who started out on the G1 and has had multiple Android phones and tablets ever since. I sold my Nexus 10 in anticipation of the Nexus 9, but after seeing and reading about so many reviewers and users running into so many issues, or generally not being totally enthused about the tablet, I got an iPad Air 2 instead, and I currently have a 6S+ on preorder to replace my AT&T Note 3. I think Google and its Android OEM partners have really run into some major issues, and it's starting to build up to a point where it's totally unacceptable to be paying this kind of money for devices that have such issues. - Lollipop has been a disaster of a release. Aesthetically and functionally, I think it has taken a major step back from Kit Kat, but the bigger issue is that things just haven't worked properly ever since. Battery life continues to be a disaster with the mobile radio issue that Google has *finally* flagged as an issue in the Bug Tracker. I've ran into so many apps and services, including Google's own, that wakelock my Note 3 and deplete its battery life much faster than it ever has. That's not to mention the horrendous bugs that were present before the 5.1.1 maintenance release....which my device is never seeing (I'm on plain old 5.0), because Samsung and AT&T have yet to push out that update, and I think it's safe to say they never will. These are all common complaints surrounding Lollipop, even those on Nexus devices, so I really don't believe it is only my device. - Adding to that point, the common "answer" I've gotten is to just get a newer device. The Note 5 or the G4, or just wait for the new Nexus devices. My point is this: If one update from Samsung and AT&T, based on crap code from Google, can turn my once nearly flawless Note 3 into a clunker, how are today's flagship Android devices going to hold up in 12-18 months? We're already seeing user reports of severe lag with the 5.1.1 update across all carriers for the S6 (Tim and Kellen from DL have both seen it and mentioned it happening with each of their S6s, and a ton of users are complaining about it as well). The T-Mobile G4 in particular has carrier software that is causing the device to chew through CPU cycles, heat up, and deplete battery quickly. - Google has seemingly stopped caring about tablets. I know the hate for Honeycomb is strong, but at *least* Google nailed some sort of cohesive tablet OS experience. Every major of version of Android since has taken away anything resembling a useful, attractive tablet interface in favor of having a gigantic phone interface. And with the added whitespace in Material design, it's now way worse, even in Google's own apps. How can we expect app developers to care about tablets when Google doesn't? Also, just 2 or 3 months ago, or maybe even before then, Phil posted an article about how a recent Nexus 9 update made the tablet "now worth recommending for purchase". There is a HUGE problem when a Nexus device can only be recommended 9 or 10 months after it has been released. - Then there was the problematic Snapdragon 810. No, it doesn't "overheat", but it is super aggressive with thermal throttling, pushing the chip back to perform to Snapdragon 800 or 801 levels. If you wanted to avoid it, you could get a GS6 or Note 5, but the former has issues with the newest update, and the latter forgoes multitasking performance in favor of having a smoother UI. Or you could get a Snapdragon 808-based device, which has a fairly weak GPU. The new Moto X Pure for the US is said to have slightly below average battery life. The Sony devices give an overheating warning when using the camera for too long. There always seems to be a "gotcha" moment with the powerful, high-end, expensive Android devices in 2015. Some major flaw, something either due to the carriers, the OEM partner, the hardware inside of the device, or Google itself. I really think Android is in a poorer state at the end of the 2015 then they ever were before
  • Silence mode.
    Why was silent mode removed? In some work situations I need my phone to be completly silent, not even vibrate, and now I have to completly turn off the phone or use airplane mode, because there is not silent option anymore. Bring it back!
  • Google really needs to get this update thing under control. It's ridiculous how we have so many devices not on the latest version of Android or missing critical security updates. It's one of the reasons I'm going back to iOS.
  • I wish if I can change the place on "Share List" in n Android. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd like to see the following:
    -Dark themes for every app from Google.
    -That Play Store apps not have the ability to disable stock OS functions. For example, some banking apps disable the screenshot feature. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have for awhile felt that Google need to get a bit back to it's geeky side. Since Nexus became more main stream it feels that it has lost something on the way. And I think Google could do better. On the hardware side they should more or less "kill" Nexus for something more "Play" oriented. Something to push Google's services into consumers lives with great hardware and an even better price. The Nexus-line could then be revived as something more developer friendly. A pure Android device to tinker with. But available to those who wants something cheaper as well On the software side I think they should find a way to be more closed but also more open. Again I'm thinking in terms of "Play" and "Nexus". Let some stuff be "for power users only" such as alpha, beta testing of apps. Have people sign up and keep an eye on abuse i.e. people who run beta-versions and 1 stars app because they are broken etc. If you get kicked-out, you can of course have one or more chances before it's for life. In the same process some stuff could be more open as well. Android TV as an example. They could allow access to all apps for power users, you should be able to handle it if you have opted in. Same for hardware restrictions etc. And matching the new Nexus line, I think that for some it would be great if Google could open up for a more "public" alpha/beta testing of Android. I think the community as a whole would benefit if more could play with new versions and features of Android at an earlier stage. And in doing this they hopefully will implement a per device alpha/testing system. I hate how I can't say - "keep my tablet on the beta version but have the phone on the stable version". If Google starts pushing bleeding edge Android as OTAs, I'm guessing people will want to keep it of their main device(s) =)
  • With Android being an open platform, that allows anyone to make a device using the source. OEMs can modify AOSP however they want. Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, etc. - all of their interfaces have a place. But there seems to be this sense within the enthusiast community that skins suck and stock Android is best. But if every device was a Nexus, wouldn't that be boring? My prime example is the supposed troubles with Android One. It is hard for the OEMs involved to differentiate. Thus, every device is basically the same. While Google wants your next phone to be an Android phone, Motorola wants your next phone to be a Motorola. Samsung wants your next phone to be a Samsung. Thoughts on this? Seems like the enthusiast community doesn't realize that Nexus isn't stock Android. Everything is a fork. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The main things I would really like to see in stock android are native multi window support and also some rooted/xposed features out of the box. I think multi window would be really good because this would make my nexus 9 into a true productivity device, on par with other multi window devices like the galaxy tab s and s2 and I hate to say this but soon the iPad air 1&2 and the iPad pro... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nfc support in Android wear. I just want to be able to look at my shopping list and then pay without having to push the cart with a phone in my hand.
  • wow BIG question. Things you don't think work well:
    Photo capture and image quality. The G4 and S6 type devices have shown that the right combination of today's high-end hardware and software can result in fantastic, high quality and reliable image taking on Android, however the current "Stock" google software and Nexus hardware are sub par at best, when I compare my N6 with my G4 the G4 blows it out of the water. Google needs to get this right, open software and licencing I know are issues but this is google built it, buy it or acquire it just fix it. (I am trying a ZenPhone Selfie at the moment and that camera blows the Nexus6 out of the water) Setting up a new device/ resetting a device. It's getting better with Tap & Go, and with the changes coming in Android M to app data backup, however setting up a new Android device right now is a chore. Having to reconfigure most things from scratch is tedious at best. Text messaging/ IM: this is flat out broken, I currently have 3 messaging apps installed to be able to communicate across different elements of my life, on top of this there are entire groups of people who I almost never communicate with because I refuse to use heir chosen message system (ie messenger and whats app). What I would like is an open federated protocol that everyone uses, however due to the lack of unicorns to usher in this future state I would be content with some sort of interoperability. Surely I can 'connect' my app of choice with Geoff who uses facebook and send him a message from my app and have it arrive in his, and then when he replies from his app it arrives in mine. I know this is bigger than google but it needs fixing. Or you all just switch to Telegram now you hear! Things you'd like to see Google implement from elsewhere: Continuity, plus. I don't care how much Google watches what I do if that means I get better user experience. I typically am using 2 android phones, 2 tablets and a Wear device at any one point. I would like to see Continuity style features as well as more ubiquitous synchronisation of notification syncing, if I acknowledge a reminder on one phone all of the rest of the devices should remove that card, I use Google now reminders and I can tell you that doesn't happen, add onto that email, calendar, apps....... if providers aren't building that into their apps then I'd like it built into Android, Anything you see as a useful direction for the future of Android: I am prepared for the calls for my death on this one, and Jerry please don't hate me. I'd be interested in a more Google controlled version of Googles Android platform (keep ASOP, maybe even keep the Google play enabled devices from the OHA, I'm talking about what goes on a GOOGLE device whatever that ends up meaning - more than Nexus, less than everything).
    I like the concept of Android One as a kernel for this concept, it could either be the future of Googles Android or as an additional programme that sits alongside ASOP and Google play enabled OHA devices. This new or additional platform would bring an Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto, Android One style consistency and centralised control to another leg in the Android stool.
    Devices would have only minor UI adjustments, minimal "bloat" (including Googles own bloat) pre-install fine but don't stop me uninstalling. There would be minimum specs to try and maintain a consistent and pleasing user experience. Updates would be guaranteed for 2 years and would come, if not from Google, in very close partnership with them.
    OEMs would have to differentiate on Design, build quality/ materials, non-core features/ specs, genuinely useful software and price. This is the model that Google is now employing for Wear, TV, Auto and One, and if definitely an approach that is missing in the mid to premium level Android devices. thanks guys. Duncan
  • Russell,
    I think Google needs another Nexus Phone to take on the iPhone - it needs to be a huge jump in hardware and needs to be a premium device. Charge more for it as people will still pay for it if the phone is done right.
    I always think that the Nexus is Google's equivalent of an iPhone as they both run 'Vanilla' software and when I have shown my Nexus 4 and 5 to iPhone users, they seem to like the simple, easy software but always say the hardware is a bit poor. C'mon Google, let's see a proper good quality phone, great hardware and camera to take on the others! My gripe with Android:
    in my opinion, the biggest problem with Android is their marketing of their own software as daft as that may sound. Take Hangouts for example - How many run of the mill people know that Hangouts is the equivalent of FaceTime/I Message? I know so many iPhone users that FaceTime and I Message every day - people know what it is and what it does, but nearly all 'normal' Android users haven't got a clue what hangouts is. They use the bundled messaging app and still resort to Skyping their friends who also use an Android device!
  • Allow us to change the email associated with our Google services! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have learned that this is a point of huge frustration for divorced and married/remarried spouses who want to have everything associated with their name change. This drove my wife nuts.
  • Lots of great ideas here. I have an S6 and I love the size and camera but the battery is horrible. Even if I don't use it at work by 12pm the battery will be significantly drained unless I charge it. Standby should be better. And why don't all phones come with similar cameras? They should all have OIS and low F Stop. That is really puzzling that the camera qualities vary wildly. A phone with a great camera and good battery just does not seem to exist in the android world.
  • Chromecast: My phones and tablets (nexus, moto, sony) can never keep a connection with my Chromecast. With some apps (including YouTube), 50% of the time I'll open the app and there will be no Chromecast button visible. I have to swipe it closed and reopen it again to get it to work. Then, once I've got whatever content i want, playing on the TV, keeping the connection is still a problem. The content will keep playing on the TV, but when I try to pause, or otherwise control the playback, the notification has usually disappeared, or the app has lost the connection, and I have to press the Chromecast button and connect again. My suspicion is that this is caused by Android's poor RAM management, and the app is being dumped out of memory, and thus losing the connection. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What I would like 'Google to implement from elsewhere' is the whole NextBit thing. I wouldn't be surprised if Google ends up buying NextBit for what they do with the platform.
    Google already provides 'unlimited' storage for photos via the Photos app, why stop there and not cleanup my local storage if you see that it is getting full. Every now and then I need to manually remove all my local copies.
    What NextBit does is a step in the direction of a world without local storage (read SD Cards). The fact that no Nexus device has an SD card is imho a the google approach in that direction, but it takes a really long time to get there.
    Of course 'all data in the cloud' means you need mobile data like everywhere, and that is
    - technically not possible at all locations (project Loon anyone?)
    - cost money for the EndUser
    That last part is something that carriers need to tackle (especially roaming) . And probably Google is waiting on them before they make that giant all-cloud-leap (project Fi anyone?)
  • Not sure is this has been mentioned yet, but I hope Android TV doesn't get the Google TV treatment. I get frustrated that I want a living room experience so bad that matches the experience on my phone, but can't get the same level of support. Google keeps getting me hungry, but only lets me sniff the buffet. Android TV has been out for over a year and still doesn't have access to major sports and media apps. The last major push in the Play Store was in June, hardly anything has been added since. I loved my Asus Cube Google TV, but now it sits boxed up in my closet. At least with my Shield TV it has a frequently updated Grid, GeForce Experience, and Gird Market so that should save it from extinction if Google bails on Android TV like Google TV....It's just really frustrating.
  • Yes you do. My help is the only thing that can save you. Posted using SwiftKey on my LG G4 via the Android Central App
  • I think Project Fi needs to be hit hard. The concept of seamlessly handing off between carriers could really change the face of the entire cellular climate. If Google could add one more carrier (AT&T or VZW), the service would be phenomenal (keep dreaming... I know). This could lead the way for other MVNOs to possibly follow suit.
  • The Future of Android = Convergence.
    I want Android to focus on the tablet experience. Dell and a few other major players have come out with some stunning Android tablets this year, but the experience on large screens is still decidedly sub-par. Apple is also moving in that direction now with the iPad Pro, building on iOS to create a user experience that could rival and eventually surpass that of the MacBook Air. Most people use laptops in everyday scenarios where a large tablet would offer a far better overall solution if it can be geared towards productivity, Large form-factor Android tablets could become fantastic laptop replacements in the near future *if* Google and the app community get their act together and create a compelling UX for them.
  • I love 99.99% of what Android stands for and does. What I feel that other platforms do better (see: Apple) is set a consistent baseline for performance in ALL areas of use on a device. iPhone capabilities may be limited in comparison with Android (arguably) but everything just works on an iPhone, and works well. I feel that too often Android users are forced to choose - you want a great camera? Okay, but your battery life has to suck (s6) or the OS will be laggy (G4). Etc with battery, screen and more. So what's the answer? I don't think it would be right for Google to set minimum standards for price points (for example) as that may constrain innovation and would seem very anti-Android. What I think that Google should consider however, is to see (return to?) the idea of the Nexus being the exemplar device for Android - the one which does everything well, a la the iPhone, and requires no compromises of its user. Other than that (watch any credibility I have quickly disappear), I love the BlackBerry's physical keyboards (and OS in BB10, app availability aside), and am excited to see how they transition to Android - here's hoping successfully.
  • e-ink covers and e-ink technology for Android smartphones.
    I was a huge fan when the Yotaphone2 came out earlier this year but it just did not meet my sweet spot in terms of pricing. However I’d love to have a secondary e-ink display on my phone for reading books and magazines and so I was totally surprised to see that manufacturers are indeed picking up on that idea of e-ink covers. I think everything started 2013 with the Alcatel One Touch Hero which had a e-ink cover available. 2014 there was the OAXIS ink case, which started as kickstarter project and it seems it went quite well as all units are totally sold out. The price point was 89€ +10 for the cover. However regarding design that’s really arguable :D What’s your opinion on the OAXIS Ink Case? Do you know of other manufacturers having e-ink covers down the pipe? What about HTC and Samsung?I think Yotaphone is planning a Yotaphone2 “c” at a reduced price point.. Isn't e-ink still a neglected technology when you think about Android taking into account how many people out there are already using it for reading books and other great use cases?
  • I would love to see Google come out with a standard technology that would allow fitness equipment to actually integrate with android devices. Think of it as <a more capable> Android Auto for the stair master, stationary bike, elliptical machine, etc... I still see outdated iPod connector cords on cardio equipment and rarely even a usb port to keep my device charged (BYO cord, of course). Where’s the cardio love for Android? Wouldn’t stat tracking be so much more intelligent if the cardio equipment could provide data to apps such as Google Fit? Couldn’t Google Fit become a cardio content provider suggesting energetic, fitness inspired audio/video sessions? Live streaming FitCasts? Google approved cardio machines should follow standards around decent displays, bluetooth, nfc pairing, charging capabilities, and a decent/safe storage spot for devices of all sizes. Ideally, the machine would bring its own internet connection but that is probably asking too much.
    Heck, go ahead and make the machines capable of using whatever ‘me too’ technology Apple produces a year later.
  • A few phones have allowed for ant+ accessories. Ant+ can be found in heart rate sensor chest straps, running cadence sensors, cycling speed/cadence sensors. I don't think many people use them, even if they are available. A phone isn't something you can glance at like a watch. Battery life in smart phones isn't good enough for a 40+ mile bike ride. A nice Garmin watch or bike computer is the way to go though.
  • I want to see better video chat quality on Android. My wife's family is on Apple devices, and my family are on Android devices (Samsung Galaxies for my parents and a 2014 Moto X for me). My wife and I just had our first baby (6 weeks old; time is flying!), and so video calls with the grandparents are an everyday occurrence. Even with a fast internet connection on both sides, Apple FaceTime blows anything on Android out of the water. We've tried Facebook messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, and every one of them suffers from choppy audio and a terrible frame rate. But when we use FaceTime, it's like the other party is in the room with us. We're going to get my parents an iPod touch for Christmas so their video chats with us stop being so frustrating.
  • Granted is a Verizon only phone, but my Droid turbo has been considerably buggier since I got Android 5.0. 4.4 was a rock. I never rebooted and it always worked. With 5.1 I have several audio beefs, Sometimes leaving an app or chrome tab and locking the phone leaves videos playing and coming out the speaker. Whenever I chromecast something as well, it turns the phones media volume all the way up so if I open another app while casting it blasts out the speaker. When my phone goes to low battery mode, the CPU underthrottles to a state where i might as well not use it. I hate that we still dont have an audio only chromcast dongle. The lack of Tablet love by android and its developers is insane. Why should the ipad have all the fun. I Android on a tablet with multi window support, This Chromebook/Android merge needs to happen yesterday, and it needs to be an android based OS with a chrome browser that has all the features of the desktop version.
  • How about better battery life for smartphones. What are companies doing to improve battery life without having to make a bigger battery on the device.
  • Backups. I think google really needs a solid backup and restore options. Whether it's rom to rom or phone to phone I don't want to have to lose everything when I switch. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Android needs a better stock camera. Also, the way Android handles messages could be better. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Love Android and Google, but a few things could be improved. Security updates need to be faster and come to more/older devices. Manufacturers should give an update time line on sale (like Google does with the Nexus line). If you want a cheaper device that won't be updated, that is your choice, but it must be a choice, not something you realize afterwards. AOSP should include better photo processing software. The Nexus line and brands that don't have access to or resources for improved photo processing software don't just lag behind; they are in a completely different league. Google has the resources to close this gap. This would take away (or at least reduce) a competitive advantage Samsung and LG have, forcing them to find new ways to keep their lead. Although Google is a US company, they shouldn't ignore the rest of the world. It is always annoying when features or products don't come to Europe when they are still relevant. This is also something the European governments should address (get your sh*t together and align the legislation, stop f*cking around). Lastly, please, please start promoting Android features and Google Apps. E.g. Hangouts, it is a great platform but nobody knows that it can do what WhatsApp does (and then some). If Apple creates something everyone knows about it, but when Google comes with features you need to dig through tech sites to hear about them.
  • They need to find a way to match the battery life of the iPhone. Mostly I am referring to the resting state of iOS. I have a work iPhone that i use seldom but it is buzzing all day as new emails come in but I rarely have to charge this phone more than 2 or 3 times a week. I know it is due to the light use and the fact that android gives developers access to way more background functionality but I'd love to see them find the middle ground.
  • I would like for Google to bring back the video creator app, I vaguely remember them having one back in the day. Google lacks a really good video creator, and a Google one would be ideal.
    Nathaniel Posted via the Android Central App
  • I could go for less UI overhauls and changes all-around among google services. A lot of changes seem to be for the sake of change rather than 'yea that's really better now'
  • I would like more partnering with OEM's such as Apple, Google, Windows and others when it comes to things such as Pay. I know it is a competition but if they could come together to set the foundation that would make things like Pay huge and more widely accepted.
  • AndroidPay needs to work in more countries. The US is still way behind on terminals that accept NFC but other countries have things in place. I would love to be able to go on vacation in Europe and just use my phone to pay for the majority of things. Apple is doing it, where is Google. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I agree it needs to expand. Google is clearly a bit behind Apple in terms of development of the relationships here, after they kinda went around the banks, carriers and card issuers the first time around with Google Wallet. They've gotta start fresh with Android Pay, and hopefully part of that is expanding to other countries, too.
  • I would like to see you guys explore the rise of the good performance mid range smartphone. In the future do you think it's going to be justified for smartphone OEM's to charge over $800+ for a "High End" phone when it's possible you will be able to get a phone for less than half the cost and probably on par with the performance of "High End performers of today.
  • Let's talk about Google's software! They have a long ways to go in order to improve the Android experience for average consumers. I'm talking more about Google apps than Android itself. Two wallet apps while we wait for Android Pay? Why? So that people get confused and jump ship before the real product is even available? (I know it's rolling out and you can manually install the APK, but I haven't received it from Google yet.) Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Street View? Why have three different apps when they could all be rolled together pretty easily? Google Voice and Hangouts "Integration"? They made it even more confusing than when they were separate products. Why isn't Google Drive tied directly into my phone's storage, a-la Nexbit Robin? Why did someone have to start a Kickstarter campaign to do something that Google could very easily put together? Especially for a company so focused on Cloud services and the internet, Android should have a built-in way of making sure things get uploaded and saved securely, without having to pick and choose and remember where everything is saved. Even with the current 15GB free/charge for more structure, it would be a massive improvement. Google photos is OK, but it's still not very intuitive. 1. Take photo on phone, 2. Let Photos app automatically upload pictures, 3. Go to stock OEM gallery app to delete pictures from local storage 4. Go back to Google photos and organize albums. It's not difficult, but why isn't there an option to remove the photo from local storage automatically? Just let the software keep track of what needs to be saved locally (i.e. last 100 photos taken or something). If I have to keep track of what's saved on my phone and what's in the cloud, how is that any better than just using Dropbox or a similar service? (Sidenote, I do find the Photos app to be better than Dropbox, mostly because of the awesome search feature, which also helps cut down on the need for organizing/albums). Individually, none of these issues are deal breakers, and I'm tech-savvy enough to make it work. But when you take a step back, you can see that improving these individual bits of software would make Android more unified and user friendly as a whole. I love that Android gives me the option to use whatever apps and cloud services I want, but still, it would be nice to have integrated Google services as the baseline, and let people opt in/out if they prefer other services.
  • Not sure if this has been sent said, but Google is missing the boat on thin voice assistant appliances thing (i.e. the Amazing Echo). I would love to see Google make any smarthub based on Google Now. They could even combine it with their new wifi router. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The share menu and icon need some major help. The icon recently changed which was confusing for me. My in-laws and sister would never get the change. The share menu just keeps growing larger and larger.
  • Hey guys, and shalom from Israel. I have one BIG problem with all the wearables, I see no reason of efficiency in buying a watch if I can't use a Bluetooth earpiece simultaneously while my phone works as a CPU of some sort. And of course, without it running out of battery after 12 hours. Just a rant...
    Big fan, thanks~ Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't like the way stock Android looks any more. Apps are generally good, but the UI has a lot of plain white boxes that look like they could have been drawn in MS paint, the app drawer on the Google Now launcher is a prime example. Also the new Google search bar now looks childish and as Alex put it, Fisher Price. The pull down on the status bar is a weird blue-grey colour that doesn't fit with anything else... Other OEMs and even *Gasp* Apple seem to make better looking UIs. I love the blur effect that Jolla, Apple, Oppo etc use, and would like to see on Android. What better way to emphasis focus, than to literally defocus the background. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm really wishing for universal ROM installers for Android (similar to how Linux and Windows use the same install image for every PC) so we can get faster updates. The fact that we have to wait for custom solutions bugs like Stagefright is ridiculous.
  • Also: despite the hate it received from reviewers, I'm really really loving my Verizon S5 after 1.5 years. Super fast with the latest update, and can do anything you ask of it. Compare that to the limited S6 family.
  • Add to the list of things that are broken, the fact I just got an OTA update for my Nexus 9, but every time I go to install it, I get an error. Same thing happened on my Nexus 7. I'm sure a manual wipe and flash will fix it, but the average person is not going to know to do that. With M around the corner, I'm actually not even going to bother myself, I'll just wait and clean install the factory image when it is released. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I wish the stock android sound system sounded like Viper4Android. Thats the only reason why I really root these days.
  • Here are a few things, when is Android Pay arriving, why are there two Outlook Apps and when is the other going away? If Sunrise was bought by Microsoft why does it still have it's own app for same thing, why not just combine, after all you bought it. Also Google and Samsung with Verizon, I have too many duplicates and things preloaded on my me out and allow me to delete them. Just a few things that frustrate me Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd like to see hidden lock screen notifications become readable when the phone is unlocked or when smart lock unlocks the phone. Also it would be could if Google would integrate some of their own new features within in their own apps. I'm thinking specifically custom chrome tabs within play newsstand. It's irritating enough when you have to resort to viewing an article in the browser rather than the app, but for them not to have implemented this feature, I find it a bit odd. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is all off the cuff, so I don't know if I feel comfortable speaking in terms of "most and least important", but here are some things that jump out to me: 1) One thing that Android REALLY lacks is a meaningful response to Apple's Handoff feature, as well as Microsoft's Windows 10 mobile's upcoming Continuum. As far as I'm aware, there really is nothing for passing active content from one Android device to another (such as from a Phone to a Tablet), and only the very most modest of efforts to pass between Android and Chrome. Thanks to JiDe, we have a bona-fide Android desktop OS now that looks super promising! I'm a backer of their "Remix Mini", and hope to be receiving mine in October. It would be sweet to see Google do something like it, then build Nexus phones that have similar transformative powers as the upcoming Lumias, that really could be our phones and desktops. But regardless of whether it looks more like Continuum, or more like Handoff, Android needs...well, something. 2) I certainly don't mind seeing all the prominent 3rd parties making Android devices and versions of the OS/UI. That's what you get with an open source OS, and it's the reason Android ranks #1 in worldwide usage. If all there were were Nexus phones, Apple would still be the #1 platform. BUT I would wish that the "vanilla", the "pure", the "real" Android experience would be the prominent, central focus of the Android scene - that a clean, un-messed-with Android experience would be what the world most knew, and first thought of. Instead, it seems buried in a sea of bigger fish, obscured in a skyline of taller buildings - you pick your analogy. Among the laity, I would wager that a great, great many would think that Touchwiz WAS default Android. Would this be helped by Google making its own hardware, rather than having others make it for them? I don't know. (continued) Posted via the Android Central App
  • (continued) 3) I know I'd rather they do it, instead of having thinly disguised 3rd party phones bearing the Nexus name - such as my Motorola-made "Google" Nexus 6. I know that Google is very hands-on in the process. But it's still not quite the same, you know? Credit where credit is due: though I like Android and Android phones better than iOS and iPhone, iPhone are much more stable - ESPECIALLY long term. They just work. A lot of people assume that that is because there's just something inherently "better" about iOS itself and/or the iPhone hardware. But I don't know that this is true. I think in a perfect vacuum, the hardware is actually better on the higher Androids. Bigger, more beautiful screens, higher spec'd internals, bigger batteries, more innovative features and splashier, more avant garde designs. Even my less-than-the-pinnacle Nexus 6, examined JUST AS HARDWARE, divorced from absolutely everything else is a better handset than my wife's iPhone6+. Apple keeps a tighter reign in apps than Android, and I'm sure part of the stability issues with Android is the consequence of its "Wild West" approach to apps. But I think the REAL reason iOS runs so much more smoothly is because it's a completely "closed circle". It's software built SPECIFICALLY for hardware, built in turn, for that SPECIFIC software. Of course it's gonna run great. Android, on the other hand, is a big, open system designed to hit the moving target of thousands of unique phone specs, and work on all of them. Of course that's gonna result in more bugs! But even with the Nexus, which is the closest we get in Android to an iPhone-like approach, or [supposedly] iPhone-like results, it's still not a perfectly closed system. With the AOSP core, and the apps scene, would Google making its own phones, closing the circle more really result in a more iPhone-like level of stability? I don't know. But I have a hard time seeing it hurting the situation, and it would go a long way towards making the supposedly central, "flagship" Android device properly stand-out in the crowd. (continued) Posted via the Android Central App
  • (continued) 4) which brings me to my last point: given what I said above, making huge strides short term in Android platform stability may be a pipe dream, but it is the least stable of the bunch. Android phones have this sorta 6-12 month "Android Curse" where they get buggy and stay that way. By contrast, no service, of course, but we still have my wife's old iPhone4 from forever ago, which we let the 8yr old use for games and Netflix, and the like, and that thing runs about the same as the day it was new. It's incredible how well that thing has held up! In a world where we trade in every 6-24 months, that kinda longevity may just be academic for most people. But it still says something about the difference between them. But still, you'd think at least on the Nexus devices, you wouldn't have to worry about glitches. Sadly, this has not been my experience. I've had my Nexus for only six days today, and it has already exhibited bugginess: from simple things like the keyboard occasionally reverting to HOLO theme for a split second before returning to Material while under heavy typing, to WiFi suddenly not working one time til I reset, to even one instance where the thing performed a spontaneous hard-reboot while I was just about to finish typing a long response (and I lost it all). Between all that, and already having to fight apparent AMOLED burn-in (which i think I've been able to control with the invert colors feature), I'm really starting to worry that this Nexus, though lovely, may become a real "Joes's Apartment", and I'm VERY SERIOUSLY considering trading it in for an iPhone. I have 8 days left of my 14 day return/exchange period with my new Verizon account, and I'm languishing over what to do. It comes down mostly to the dynamic of whether I want a phone that I "like" so much more, and "trust" so much less, or a phone that I "trust" so much more and "like" so much less. The fact that Jodee straight up gave me her iPad Air 2 when she got her iPhone, works both for and against my decision to switch as on the one hand, between the iPad and my Mac, I'd be all set for Handoff, could use the phone exclusively while I'm out and about, and the Mac/pad exclusively when I'm at home. But on the other hand, if I keep the Nexus, I have both a current Android device, and a current iOS device, and will be able to experience both iOS 9 AND Marshmallow more or less right as they launch and be able to compare, whereas if I go iPhone, I have two iOS devices, no real Android device to speak of (other than a barely functional cm12 Lollipop 5.0 install on a nearly 5yr old HP Touchpad), and certainly no Marshmallow. Including today, I have 8 days left to make up my mind. It will probably be a long and torturous 8 days, and I probably won't decide til the 8th day. If I do leave Android, I won't leave it for long as I intend to go multi-device, multi-platform for my phone. No, I'm certainly not abandoning Android. I would get another Android, and it will probably be Huawei's upcoming Nexus. That, or heck, maybe even give Moto's Nexus 6 one more try when the pressure's off, and my entire mobile life no longer rides on it. That actually only makes the decision harder for me because if I stick with the Nexus 6, it opens the door to he iPhone6s+ later, but effectively shuts me out of whatever Huawei's about to drop. But if I go with the iPhone, it'll be a 6+, rather than a 6s+, and I can basically kiss the newer option goodbye...but be open to the next Nexus....Anyway, the moral of the story, and the import for this thread here is that if Android were not such a buggy platform, the possible iPhone switch wouldn't even be being discussed, and I'd be in reveling in the "honeymoon" phase with my brand new, shiny, schnazzy gigantic new Nexus 6, with the Android Lollipop I like so much better than iOS, and happily awaiting the imminent arrival of Marshmallow. (FIN) Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm a cross-platformer using both iOS and Android. I like to compare devices and OSes and pit them against each other. From my experience, Apple specifically iOS loves to dictate to its users its features. We have iMessaging. It's the best so you should all use it, etc. In my case, I often do not like what to be told unless you're my employer paying my salary. I just bought/leased your $849 iPhone 6 and I going to do what apps what I want to do with it. This is where I believe Android shines: Choices & Options. You have a $399 Huawei unlocked Dual SIM phone and we SUGGEST you use this. If you don't like the apps uninstall it, unlock its bootloader, root it and mod it, etc. So for me it's between being Dictated versus having Choices & Options. I use both because I'm such a technologist and a geek.
  • Need more Rage Against Telecomm's. Sick of Corporate Greed, how about sponsoring a Consumer Union so customers have power against the Carriers, and other corporations, to keep them from making up the rules as they go to fleece and price gouge data, and nickel and dime their customers to death. Need a way for millions of consumers to ban together to actually make a difference. For example, It seems Verizon's policy is to punish their customers for being long time customers of their network. All the Telecomm's need a reality check and need to be brought down a peg or two and be forced to pay their fare share of Taxes also. And not forget the revolving door policies of corporate employees getting jobs in the regulator offices that are supposed to over see the same companies.
  • How about better sound quality when talking on the phone? I'm carrying an $800 dollar phone and the call sound quality is not as good as a kid's cheap walkie talkie. Also, get a handle on the carriers and their bloatware - nobody wants it.
  • That's probably more of an issue with the quality of the service your phone is on, than something to do with the phone itself Posted via the Android Central App
  • "You can expect the audio version to hit your podcatcher of choice shortly after, as usual." Did this ever happen? I feel like I'm missing something....
  • You're not the only one. Phil must be sick. It's usually uploaded quickly. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If we are talking android, I do like Marshmallow is getting ready. But i know keeping up with Apple is important on the software front. But,as Jerry has said "We had touch in android for a while", why does Android sometimes seem like its scatterbrained. I am tired of hearing.
    Oh Apple Started Voice with SIRI, Um NO Android Did it first. Touch Pressure on Apple, Um no Android Did that also, and so on. Why not get everyone to as close to Marshmallow as they can and have 80% there, instead of 20% of Lollipop. Secondly, why not I know youtube is good, But really show people how to get the most out of their stuff. I mean, Sell It To them.!