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Froyo only: Want to change the way Android sorts your contacts? Maybe you like last names first. Or what if you want to only see contacts who have phone numbers. It's easy to do. Here's how:

  1. Once you're in the contacts application, press the Menu button. (That's the little one that looks like a series of four lines.)
  2. You should see six new buttons. Press the "Display Options" button.
  3. You're now in the options menus for your contacts.

From here, you can tell your phone to only show contacts with phone numbers, sort the list by first or last name, view contacts by their first or last names, and choose whether to show contacts from all accounts connected to your phone. That's handy if you don't want all of your Facebook friends showing up in your contacts list.

Note that carrier customizations may break this feature. :(

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Sort your contacts


Please, can someone tell me when Android will be able to find a contact by business name when there's also a name attached to the contact? John Smith at ABC Plumbing can only be found by the person's name, and not the business. If you can't remember the guy's name there, you'll never find ABC Plumbing!

Maybe Froyo has such goodness?

One thing you can do is something like placing "BUSI:" to the beginning of the contact name to force it to group all business together.

I'm a current blackberry user thinking about getting the EVO, but this is the sort of small feature I use all the time for business and am going to miss... I can just start typing the first few letters of the business and pow, the contact name pops right up.

Is this going to become the new thing people complain about any time it is mentioned? It used to be that you couldn't go to any page about HTC or Sprint without millions of comments bitching about not having 2.1 on the Hero yet.

There are already custom Froyo ROMs in the works for Evo and the official will be out soon enough. If they release it half-baked then the complaints will be twice as loud and they will actually affect the company.

It says Froyo only. Unless I am mistaken there is no Froyo ROM for the Incredible yet. Certainly not one with Sense.

The first two words of this article are "Froyo only."

One would think that would be a clue to those stating that they can't find it on devices such as the EVO 4G, the Incredible or other phones still running 2.1.

Can't sort on the fly, but you can modify each contact and have it displayed either by First Last or Last, First. That's as close as it comes with 2.1 on the EVO.

Froyo only was added after the complaints started rolling in. They should have mentioned that from the beginning.

The reason I missed the Froyo note is that in my Evo 2.1 I can go to contacts>menu and select, "Only phone number, Google, Auto Gmail, Phone, Facebook for HTC, or Twitter" as my choices. I can go into the contacts and, for the individual contact, select "First name/Second name" for that contact to sort. SO apparently what Froyo will get me is the ability to sort all of my people by first/last name (wow)but not the ability to sort/search by company.

And while I'm on that rant. Most of the time I am entering contacts they are company only or person from company "x". To enter the company I have to select "Add>other>company" to get the company field. Not only that but If I put in person "firstname/lastname" then company I can only search on the person's name, not the company. Welcome to the 21st century.

Gosh I hope the next android has a 21 MB camera. No need for useful PIM's in my life.

Another Palm fanboy...and, no, I didn't want a Pre with the teny-tiny screen. I'll stick with the Evo inspite of it's faults.

My beef with Android 2.1 (on my EVO which draws rave reviews from everyone I show) is that you can't pick/choose what numbers you want to use for the SMS messaging for your contacts.

For example, if you only have a landline for someone -- it assumes that you can send an SMS to that number. There is no way to delete that info or anything. Bugs the hell out of me. I do NOT want to go back to my blackberry but damn - was a lot easier to customize my addressbook on my curve.

Am hoping Froyo and definitely Gingerbread, clean this up a bit.

Um, I can do this on my stock Captivate... The annoying thing is that if you do last name first there is no comma: John Smith appears as Smith John instead of Smith, John.

This worked for me and my company.

Using Active Sync with an exchange server.

In the Exchange Contacts (Recipient Configuration)(Mail Contact) set the display name to the company name, for someone at that company.

Now on the EVO

Sync your phone with active Sync
Go to the "people" app or contact list
Hit menu
Company Directory
search and find the company
Pick the company out and hit save to people.

This will add one contact to the list under the business name.


You can set the display name for each person at that business, in the company directory. (to the company name)

Search Company directory
Save to people, and link accounts (one time for each person).

this will remove the individuals from the contact list and show only the business name, and when you select that contact it will show all the people inside it.

Takes a bit of time to set up, and would totally be better to just sort by orginization to begin with. but will get you where you want to be.

Edit: Make sure to link the company to the person, not the person to the company :p


You can sort my last name with out Froyo !

THIS WILL NOT MESS UP YOUR CONTACTS, everything will still know what is the real first name and what is the last name.

1. Backup your contacts (export them, just in case. Think of it as a CYA :) )
2. Log into the web interface for your gmail/hosted apps account.
3. Goto your contacts
4. click to edit one of your contact
5. on that 1st screen where you can see the contacts full name. Change the name from "Chris Franklin" to "Franklin, Chris"
6. Click save
7. Wait for your phone to resync and presto.

Your Android is sorting my last name. And if you edit the contact on your phone everything is still in it's rightful place.
This works because google's contacts under stand the standard "LastName, Firstname" naming convention.