Sony's SmartWatch now available in the US for $150

Sony announced today that its SmartWatch, the first accessory in its line of "Smart Extras", is now available through its online store. SmartWatch connects to your Android-powered smartphone via Bluetooth and pushed incoming texts, emails, and call notifications to your wrist for fast and easy access. The SmartWatch will ship with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, a weather widget, and a music player,  though it is compatible with a number of current Android apps. Sony says that developers will be able to create SmartWatch-specific apps designed for the device's 1.3-inch OLED display.

The dust and splash-proof SmartWatch will set you back $149.99, and it's available with your choice of pink, white, mint, grey, and blue wristbands. Right now the device's functionality might not justify its pricetag, but we're certainly excited to see what Sony and developers will do to make the SmartWatch a more essential accessory. Hit the source link to grab yours today directly from Sony.

Source: Sony

  • I can't imagine you could do anything well on a screen that size. The fact that you have to tote around your smartphone for it to be even remotely functional is a bit of a drag, too, considering the price.
  • I can't tell if you're being serious. You know what this is for right?
  • Porn? ;)
  • There was a time in my life when I might have wanted something like this. However, that time isn't now. Does anyone remember the calculator watches that nerds sometimes wore back in the '80s? Well, I had one, and this seems to be a more advanced version of something like that.
  • I had that watch in the 90's and I loved it. This watch is more advanced I'll give you that, but it's already out-dated and the only people that will buy it are those that have no clue (less than 1% is my guess) and when they do get it they will probably take it back and grab the calculator watch that's far more successful.
  • It reminds me more of the Timex Datalink watch. (or a combo of the two) I had the original Datalink, then got the 2.0 after complaining to Timex at a Comdex show. I would be tempted to buy one of these.
  • This is so stupid. Why can't companies try to beat Apple by creating something innovating and not trying to duplicate what Apple has. People wonder why Sony is cutting 10,000 jobs and firing a multitude of executives. This is a prime reason!
  • I agree. The band looks cheap and ugly, and the watch itself looks like an Apple product. Why couldn't it have been done in a more elegant way? If it were appealing to the eyes at least it would have something going for it.
  • You're a troll! Apple rips other companies off more than any other company. Do your homework.
  • Proof? In the case of this watch Apple has had their's for over 2 years and now Sony comes out with one. I don't care if a company rips someone off I just hate seeing competitors try to build a very similar product to compete instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. ie. this watch vs the iPod watch and the MacBook Air vs Samsung Series 9.
  • Yeah, so I know you have no idea what this thing actually is and you're actually referring to the current generation of the iPod Nano. Over 2 years? It came out in September 2010. You must be on a weird calendar or be some kind of beta tester or something.
  • When did Apple come out with a watch that connects to your phone via Bluetooth to control and interact with it? Oh, you saw the picture and thought "IPOD NANO WITH A WATCHBAND!!! OMG GUYZ COPYCAT LULZ!" Maybe you should read before spouting. Or just keep trolling, whichever it is you're doing.
  • Sounds like a nice concept if you have money to throw away. Maybe there are some unseen benefits to it but to have to carry both the phone and this device around would be a pain. Maybe there is a nice watch face app to make it stand out with a touch of class rather then looking like a tech geek.
  • Well seeing as how this attaches to your wrist and a phone is typically in a pocket. How exactly would it be a pain to carry them both around?
  • How about a review on Android Central?
  • Actually, looks pretty cool, and not bad for the price. Biggest downside is likely battery life and not real keen on having to charge my watch each night........or more often. If the battery life was like 7 days or something, then I might even consider this, but I am a bit of a watch geek anyway.
  • Battery Life (Approx) : 3-4 days typical usage, up to 14 days standb
  • I wonder if the time part of it is always on even when the screen is off? Seems with an oled display it could be and not use much power.
  • We all know how accurate those marketing numbers are and even those numbers are based only on the apps that come packaged.
  • Now that the haters have spoken. I think this is a pretty cool accessory, $150.00 is an OK pricetag under $100.00 would be better, I actually want to see more than a pic to be sold on this, maybe some PSN functionality, like to see if your friends are online etc.. Hell everyone went crazy for those Google specs and they really could use a redesign.
  • You certainly won't be able to respond to anything, but checking twitter, facebook and email without pulling out the phone would be a nice convenience. Listening to music, also a plus. Throw in Google Maps and this makes a nice hiking companion, while leaving your phone safely tucked away in your pack out of the elements.
  • If this had standalone Google Maps support I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  • Lack of GPS would make that functionality somewhat limited. It might also be why the watch gets much better battery life than the MOTOACTV though. I have the MOTOACTV and use it solely for music/running. I actually choose not to have all of those additional features turned on as I use running to get away from work and life, thus no email, text, FB or twitter. I am happy however that people who aren't me have options though, so nice job Sony.
  • Perhaps it can use the phones GPS? It would help with the watch battery life
  • I would hate having to charge my watch in addition to all my other gizmos. I'll stick to my Citizen.
  • Wow, so many haters of something they have not used. I have one on its way not. I did not purchase it so much for what it can do now, I bought it more for what I am sure the dev community will be able to do with it. If for its shows me the time and lets me know whos calling or let me reads a text then I am in for it. I have spent much more on watches that do much less.
  • Yeah, would be slick for checking texts like if you're a biker or or something and have your phone tucked away.
  • Now why would I want Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Weather and such on my watch when I can have all that (and more) on my phone, with a bigger screen?! This is why Sony is currently 6.4 billion in the hole right now, and is cutting 10k jobs, stupid products like this. Sony, get your act together.
  • So you could see the status update and decide whether it's worth taking the phone out of your pocket/purse or off the clip.
  • I was listening to Sony's earnings call the other day and was confused about their new strategy "We're only making things that Raadius would want." Now it all makes sense to me.
  • :pats self on back:
  • I remember the Sony Ericson watch I waited 8 months for that was supposed to do all this stuff that this watch is supposed to... and all
    t did was give me a headaqe., I love this idea so much and would willingly buy it but I want a guarantee its going to stay connected longer then 8 minutes. Been thinking about buying the pricey 'IMe' watch as well
  • I think my MotoACTV is more useful even though it doesn't do Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, but it does do Weather and Music and it tracks my workouts. I know if I root the MotoACTV I can load apps too. MotoACTV is more expensive but if Motorola were to allow app loading without rooting then it would blow away this Sony watch.
  • Likewise, if Motorola were to allow the MotoACTV to stream live TV, print money, automatically load stolen credit card numbers, and make me a sandwich, it would blow away this Sony watch.
  • I'd get it. I think the concept is a good one. So many people on here talk sh*t.
  • being one of those who can still feel the burn of the Xperia X10, I'd say this product looks nice, a bit too expensive, and since it's a first generation Android product from Sony - I won't buy it. I'll wait for the next generation.
    Maybe they'll put in some Star Wars-y hologram feature or something. :-)
  • This isn't the first generation.
  • I think this looks pretty awesome. I just wish there were more Sony phones on the US carriers. It would be great if someone like AT&T or Verizon offered the watch as a packaged deal with a new Sony Android phone
  • This can be used with any Android phone, from any manufacturer, that can install the companion app.
  • All I can say is this: This sure beats the Sony LiveView they came out with last year. Now the real question I have to ask is do I want this, or do I wait for the Pebble ( )?
  • I was just about to mention the Pebble. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. This has a touch screen OLED display, and the Pebble has a non-touch e-ink display. In theory, the Pebble should do a little better in the battery department.
  • The Pebble will probably have a much better battery life, since it's e-paper, which is a huge plus from my perspective.
  • Sony already burned me once with the Live View... Burn me once, shame on you... Burn me twice, shame on me... No thanks...
  • i like this one better...
  • I have and love my motoactv especially with the new golf update it's like a caddy on my wrist. This Sony product seems cool but id miss my workout tracking and my step and calorie counting.
  • -_- lame
  • Is this Sony branded Android phones only? I would love for this to be on my Thunderbolt, but it's not on Sony's capability list.
  • This will work with any Android phone that will run the companion app. Try installing the app on your Thundebolt and see if it will run.
  • How is this better than the Sony LiveView? Does it actually work this time? I'm waiting for some professional unbiased reviews before I think about buying this thing. The Motorola watch seems to have a lot more functionality, but at a higher price.
  • How is this different from the Sony LiveView? It looks like it's just the LiveView in an updated (and admittedly better looking) housing? Don't get me wrong, while I enjoy the LiveView that I got, the price tag of $35 is what made it worthwhile. The most frustrating thing about it is that the Bluetooth connection is TERRIBLY unreliable. I've gotten the LiveView Manager paid-app that tries to keep it alive but even with that I'll lose the connection to my phone several times a day and nothing short of manually re-establishing the connection gets it. Maybe this is different, but I don't see it. I will say one thing to anyone who's on the fence though, the haptic feedback makes this thing terrific (when it's connected).
  • How many things do you need after a while? I got a phone, tablet, laptop and tower to do all these things.
  • For those of that spend our days running from meeting to meeting, we know what it's like to feel as if we are constantly checking our phones for important msgs, which is often perceived as rude. This could make checking messages a bit more discreet, only causing us to use our phones if a reply is needed, and if so, it's worth the $$. I could also see the value for someone who is active and wants to tuck away their phone but still be somewhat connected --- like the biker example. There's merit here.
  • I'm not deaf, but have a constant ringing from nerve damage. 90% of the time even on loudest settings I do not hear my phone go off. This does have a vibration alert function. That I think would make it easier for people who are hearing impaired to tell when their phone is going off. It would have been nice if they used bluetooth 4 for the low power useage.
  • I agree on the lower power usage component of the BT 4.0 profile, but it probably would have completely doomed the product. The Casio G-Shock smartwatch looks more like what I need, since I know it will survive the fact that I walk outside in all types of weather and my smartwatch needs to be able to survive, but it is currently limited in the number of phones that can use it. In essence, to use a BT4 device, you need a BT4 phone WITH the, as of February, yet unwritten profiles.
  • Honestly, I would rather go with the Casio G-Shock smartwatch. It may be more limited than Sony's, but it has all the features I could want, plus it will survive me walking to work in a downpour, sweating all over it, or even bumping it into hard surfaces all over the place
  • Call me when it's available at Walmarts dumpsters sale with $15 price tag.
  • I still prefer the motoactv, once its rooted its a nice lil gadget
  • If this thing had an interface for stuff like Endomondo, it wouldn't be bad at all to have the phone in your pocket and the watch giving you basic stats from the phone/gps like speed/distance, etc. along with letting you know about incoming texts without having to jog with the phone in your hand. I wouldn't mind that at all. Also, there are many places where you can't (or shouldn't) have a phone, where this would be quite popular. Most schools don't allow students to have cell phones, and they certainly can't use them in class. But if the phone is in their pocket who would know? Also, cops/corrections officers are not allowed to bring cells phones into jails/prisons/court rooms, etc, but most do and just check them in the bathrooms or other spots to not get in trouble. With this watch, their phones never have to leave their pockets.