Sony's bringing something 'smarter' tomorrow, looks like the X10

So Sony Style has this clock a countin' down, and judging from the reflection (and the smattering of "X10" from the HTML on the page), we could well be looking at the Xperia X10. When last we saw the X10, it was April, it was running Android 1.6,  with no upgrade in sight (and the last official word we've had is late Q3), the software wasn't actually production-ready, we left the damn screen protector on -- basically, we were totally underwhelmed with what otherwise should have been an exciting phone.

But it's been rumored for AT&T for as long as we can remember, and maybe now we're going to see it. So wake up early Monday morning, folks (about 11:30 a.m. EDT), and we'll see what's in store. [Sony Style via Gizmodo]

Phil Nickinson