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Sony releases new video teaser with lollipops and colors, lots of colors

Sony is back with a new video teaser, this time opting to include numerous references to the number five and lollipops. While this could suggest Sony is looking to announce Lollipop for its consumers, the company has previously spoken about Android updates, but we could also be looking at a quick peek into Sony at CES 2015.

The video could really mean anything, or nothing at all. There are definitely signs present but we'll hold off on getting hopes up for those who could become sorely disappointed. What we will do, however, is remind you all that we'll be at CES 2015 in force to bring you all the latest from the floor.

Source: YouTube

  • I am not going to buy anything from Sony anymore, if they get hacked there goes all my info.... Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • It seems every tech company is susceptible to hacks these days, of course Apple got hacked too and that was way worse in terms of revealing personal data. Just trying to say that a single hacking episode really shouldn't discourage people.
  • God no, Sony is far far worse. The only reason the movie the interview or something was called off was because they don't want their emails to be released and they are a bunch of cowards Posted via the Android Central App
  • You seem to be misinformed. Sony very much wants to show the movie, a bunch of criteria people got pre-screenings, and when the hackers came no theater wants it in their place, they are afraid. Since Sony can't get amy theaters to show it, they are finding a site, but they are afraid of the hackers. Sony is considering using theither own streaming site, crackle, but they might lose like 20 mil doing that. Please don't spew false information.
  • Everything on the Internet can be hacked... that's why I don't like clouds Posted via the Android Central App
  • I only use the cloud to store thousands of pictures of my unprovocative family Posted via the Android Central App
  • Cool.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Rule 34. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Yes. My Internet got worse.
  • It's okay. Bodies of condensed water don't like you either. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Yes. My Internet got worse.
  • Ironically enough, the hackers didn't bother to release customer info. And you know, do a Google search of everywhere that's been hacked and you'll dramatically cut down on the number of places you can buy things. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Yes. My Internet got worse.
  • First off, two entirely separate divisions. Second, what information, exactly, would you be storing with Sony anyway? It's still Android. Your data's likely going to be stored with a half-dozen other cloud providers, each with lesser security, and the rest with Google who has dramatically better security. Who uses any Sony cloud services for any sort of storage?
  • Dont worry theyll probably pull it due to threats from angry dentists. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nicely done ☺ Posted via Android Central App
  • Can't distract me from the terrorists with fancy colors, Sony.
  • Terrorist? Nah, this is a dickwipe that can handle the freedom of creative comedy. His father did. Hitler did. But Kim? Naahhhh, he had to flip out an make sure that every freaking body is going to watch this movie to spite him. This is America, and I will watch what I damn well please death threats or no. Come at me m8 I have freedom I bullets with your name on them. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Yes. My Internet got worse.
  • Babs would be sooo proud. This message brought to you via the sarcasm keyboard available for download at the Google Play Store.
  • From a movie to " bullets with your name on", well that escalated quickly. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What the heck? This "promo" was like a Clickhole video.
  • For the first time ever I'm actually looking forward to some OEM customisations of an android release. Using KitKat on my xperia, I wish it was more like 'stock', but having used lollipop on a nexus it feels really half baked and some of the design is not great. I think there is definitely room for Sony to improve on lollipop. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Release The Interview. Posted via Android Central App
  • Lollipop will get released for Sony phones as long as North Korea doesn't make them stop the rollout.
  • My Z3 is ready for some Lollipop goodness. Magenta is the new Yellow
  • Did they hire HTCs marketing team. That was stupid. Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Well if it is a hint to a new phone one thing is for sure they are going for thin, so a small battery. Posted via Android Central App
  • The Z3 is thin and it has 3100 battery in it...
  • If it was North Koria hacking Sony they did a great job at promoting the film, or is this Sony just using reverse psychology. Eather way this add says and means very llittle other than Android L guess away, while you are your thinking Sony!
  • The new 12"-13" tablet ... ... ( 0ppo F5) ...
  • Sony has lost any respect I had for them, unless they release "The Interview" I am never buying their sub standard junk again. Posted via Android Central App
  • They are trying to release but all the theater are scared of bomb. Not sony. So they r trying to stream online. They probably will use their own site, crackle .
  • what the heck did I just watch. cant get that time back