Sony Xperia Z3

For the second time in three months, Sony has raised its profit outlook for the financial year ended March 31. The Japanese manufacturer is now forecasting an operating profit of 68 billion yen ($569 million), more than double that of the 20 billion yen ($167 million) it initially predicted and significantly better than the 26.5 billion yen ($222 million) it managed a year earlier.

Net loss for the year was also revised to 126 billion yen ($1 billion), down from the initially projected 170 billion yen ($1.4 billion). The figures highlight Sony's turnaround as the manufacturer tries to align its efforts in the imaging sensors and video game segments. Some of the biggest flagship smartphones in the market, Samsung's Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6, come with imaging sensors supplied by Sony.

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As for Sony's efforts in the smartphone segment, the manufacturer recently announced its flagship for 2015 — the Xperia Z4 — in Japan. There wasn't any mention of a global launch, however, leading to speculation that we'll see a phone with updated innards outside of Sony's home market. With the device offering iterative updates at best when it comes to the internal hardware from its predecessor, there's a sense of bewilderment as to where it exactly slots in.

Source: Sony