Sony looks to accelerate wireless charging in 2014

Inductive charging can be a useful feature on smartphones and tablets, but it's often much slower than the wire-based alternative. That's an issue Sony's looking to address in its future devices' according to a report from Japan's Nikei. The outlet says Sony, together with electronics supplier Rohm Co., has developed wireless charging technology using between 10 and 15 watts and supplies twice the energy of earlier wireless chargers. The end result, it's said, is double the charging speed, meaning a smartphone can be fully charged, wirelessly, in just one hour.

The new technique is based on specs currently being finalized for inclusion in the Qi wireless charging standard, Nikei reports, and new control chips from Rohm will be used to reduce heat output, preventing the new tech from melting phones as it charges.

Commercialization of  the new tech is expected to begin in the second half of 2014, meaning we could see it in Sony smartphones and other devices before the end of next year.

Source: Nikkei; via: Engadget

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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