Sony Ericsson MT27i Pepper poses for the blurry-cam in first leaked pics

We've heard (and seen) plenty about the Sony Ericsson LT26i "Nozomi" already, but one upcoming SE device that has so far only existed as a set of leaked specifications is the MT27i "Pepper", a mid-range phone that seems to share some design cues with its big brother.

Today the first photos of the Pepper, which is being called a successor to the Xperia Neo, have emerged over on XperiaBlog. There's plenty of blurry-cam action going on, but you can still get a reasonable idea of how it's supposed to look. It's smaller than the Nozomi, but it shares the more grown-up, angular look of that phone. Spec-wise, XperiaBlog says it'll sport a 1GHz dual-core CPU, with a 3.7-inch WVGA854 display and a 5MP camera with 720p recording. If true, the camera specs are a little disappointing, representing a downgrade (in terms of numbers, at least) from the excellent 8MP Exmor R in last year's Neo.

For the full set of blurry-cam shots, head over to the source link. Sony Ericsson is promising to show off some new handsets at next week's CES, so there's every chance that we'll see more of the Pepper in the near future.

Source: XperiaBlog

Alex Dobie
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  • Oh, so this is the phone Pepper Spray Cop has been waiting for?
  • Nozomi. Wasn't that the name of a character in Bleach, ep 325?
  • Yup same name, our atleast it looks that way. Also probably the only Sony phone I would think about buying is the xperia play( sorry if I spelled that wrong ) and even that's a weak phone. What they need is dual/quad-core gaming phone with Androids 4.0, a gig of ram and its own dedicated graphics processor.
  • ^ fail lol
  • I want to buy one of those blurry cams. Seems like all the cutting edge techies have them. Me too!!
  • I own a Xperia PLAY, only SE phone i have used and love it, would probably buy a phone like this,or any future phone by SE that seems well made. But for gaming sony needs a phone with 1gb of RAM, 4.3 inch screen, and a Dual Core processor. Would be great to see a Xperia PLAY2 with those specs or something similar.