Xperia Arc and Play update brings launcher improvements, multimedia goodies

A new update for Sony Ericsson's Xperia Arc is beginning to appear, according to a new posting on the manufacturer's support site. While it doesn't seem to update the core OS past Android 2.3.3, it does bring some cool new features, including:

  • xLoud – boosts your music when played through the speaker
  • Stereo recording – shoot video with high-quality stereo sound
  • Digital home – enjoy entertainment content stored in your phone on DLNA certified media devices
  • New themes and Landscape mode for your home screen

The update is said to be working for Xperia Arc and Play handsets, but not everyone is seeing the download become available yet. Arc and Play users should check for updates on the phone or in the PC Companion program in the days ahead.

The update is expected to come preinstalled on the soon to be released Xperia Ray, which is due out in Europe sometime before the end of the quarter. 

Source: Sony Ericsson

Richard Devine
  • Sony Ercisson is on the role !
    Wow , Sony Ercisson & Motorola the 2 companies known for lack support are the most active this year (Software update wise)
    Ironically , The Xperia X10 the one famed with being THE most outed "High-End phone" now running the GingerBread (2.3.3) Officially
    Couple that with the great hardware of the X10 & you got your self one hell of a phone
  • Motorola has always been nice to my droids. I believe since blur isn't so bloated its easier to get updates.
  • + 1
    & to my MILESTONE , even though it took em a while to update it to FroYo , but it was the first ever to get Eclair 2.1
  • Is this update for the Verizon SEX Play too or just the GSM ones?
  • Applied the update but it doesn't have the Landscape mode for Home screen. I might be wrong unless there is an option to enable it. But it's so much better .. Zoom feature in Camera (For 8MP) , New theme feature .. It's awesome :) Here are few screenshot if you like
  • Did you update it on the Verizon xperia play r800x model?