Sony Ericsson announces the Xperia Ray for the US; unlocked phones available for $425

Sony Ericsson has just announced that the Xperia Ray (see our hands-on) will now be available for US customers as unlocked, contract-free devices.  Checking in at $425, it's quite a nice package -- 3.3-inch screen, 8.1MP camera (Alex says the new S.E. camera's are top notch), front facing camera for video chat, 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 512MB RAM, and all wrapped up in a stylish aluminum body.  Not the highest specs we've seen, but the Ray should be more than capable.

The Ray is sold unlocked and will work on any GSM carrier worldwide, but here in the states if you want 3G connectivity, you'll need to use AT&T, as the Ray lacks the T-Mobile 1700MHz AWS frequency band.  You can grab one at online retailers (like Amazon or Newegg) soon, and they will be available in gold, black, white, and pink.  Sounds like a great option for those who aren't interested in a contract, and Sony Ericsson knows how to treat Android developers right.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • That looks like the Kyocera Echo
  • HAHA 1ghz single core at this point is just too little too late... the looks will sell, why sony is so dumb? they have cutting edge technology but you never see good thing coming out in US until is just old. No worries Samsung will take care of us
  • Name one thing this 1ghz phone will not be able to do that you need a dual core phone to do?
  • Use battery 2x faster?
  • you never see good thing coming out in US until is just old
    Samsung will take care of us
    o_O  Samsung just released an(other) old phone to the US, and only offer carrier branded models.  Not sure where you're going with that bit.
  • I agree, Jerry. We need more alternatives to carrier branded lockdown.
    And if S/E is going to be the new "Nexus" brand, then I'm on board. The problem I see with this is the same as with a Nexus, in that you end up paying the same price and the carrier phones with more than twice the down payment. Some carriers offer a BYOP priceing scheme, but its not always advertised.