Some Pre-Orders of the T-Mobile G1 to be Shipped in November

Well, after the massively popular pre-ordering process of the T-Mobile G1 that resulted in T-Mobile tripling production to meet demands, it still looks like it won't be enough. From T-Mobile,

Already ordered your T-Mobile G1? If you ordered before October 3, 2008 it will be delivered right to your door as early as October 22, 2008. Order yours before October 21, 2008, and it will be delivered as early as November 10, 2008.

So judging from those words, it looks like the cut-off date to get your T-Mobile G1 as early as October 22nd was October 3rd. So if you put in an order before that, you should be fine..if not, well, T-Mobile still has that G1 emulator up, right?


Casey Chan