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Those that read up on my most-used apps of 2011 will know that I am a big fan of Alphascope, the private alpha version of the BlackBerry favourite Socialscope. The application still isn't finished -- on either platform -- but the Android version just got a pretty big update in the Android Market that has made a notable difference.

The addition that might make a difference in getting people inside the closed gates of Socialscope, is an improved invitation system. No longer are you required to be followed by someone on Twitter in order to send them an invite. Everyone you follow can receive one, as still can all your Facebook friends. The addition of email invites to the Android offering too will be a welcome one -- this is how I managed to get an invite from one of the fine people in the Crackberry Forums

As you would expect from a product still in the alpha stages, the update brings bug fixes galore. We get fixes to URL posting when using Twitlonger, posting large images, not alerting to new notifications, force closes and a fix to the long error window when entering a new line in a post. 

Additional to fixes and invites, Facebook links now pull in higher resolution images than they did before such as our glorious looking DroidDoodle here. An un-follow feature has also been added to your Tumblr functionality.

The UI as a whole is really nice on the eye and this is an application that is genuinely getting better and better as time goes on. It offers a Tweetdeck type experience with it's variety of network integrations, but it's a lot slicker and pleasing to use. If this is what we're getting treated to in alpha, the finished article should be something well worth taking a look at. You'll find download links after the break, but after that it's down to you guys to find an invitation I'm afraid.