Snapchat now suggests filters based on what you take a picture of

During the short stints in which I actually use Snapchat, it's quite obvious that filters are a big part of the app. Customizing your photos with little graphics helps to give them that iconic Snapchat look, and over the years, these filters have become smarter and smarter. Snpachat filters can tell how fast you're currently traveling, what the temperature is around you, and even recommend certain ones based on where you're at.

Now, according to a Snapchat representative that spoke with Mashable, some filters will be available based on what you're actually taking a picture of.

This is a feature that Snapchat's reportedly been rolling out to its users since last week, and it's dead simple to use. After you've taken a photo of whatever it is you want to send to a friend or add to your Story, swiping through your filters like usual will now show you special ones if you've taken a picture of something that Snapchat can recognize. These filters currently pop up for pictures of concerts, pets, food, sports, and beaches, and we'd expect more to be added as time goes on.

I tried out the filters for myself, and I managed to get one that said "food cam" when taking a photo of a stock turkey image, as well as one that read "beach please" when taking a picture of a beachfront. You can try out the filters for yourself by taking photos of these things in real life, or by simply searching Google Images for relevant images like I did.

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Joe Maring

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