Smarten up your home's lighting with this refurb Philips Hue 4-bulb kit down to $102

Philips Hue smart bulb starter kit
Philips Hue smart bulb starter kit (Image credit: Android Central)

You need smart bulbs if you have a smart home, and no one does smart bulbs better than Philips Hue. Grab this 4-bulb starter kit refurbished for $102 from Tech Rabbit's eBay store. The same kit refurbished goes for around $135 on Amazon. New versions of the kit go for as much as $200 at places like B&H although you can find it for around $164 from third parties. Either way, the Tech Rabbit deal is the best price you're going to find anywhere right now.

You need smart bulbs if you have a smart home, and no one does smart bulbs better than Philips Hue. Control them all individually or at once. The bulbs are dimmable and come with the hub you need to connect to your existing smart home.

If you don't care about changing the colors, you can also save on a white Philips Hue kit from the same place. It's down to just $40.

This kit includes four bulbs and a Philips Hue Hub, which are all the things you'll need to start using smart lights. The hub is essential to the Philips Hue ecosystem. You'll need to connect all your bulbs to the hub to control them, and then you can easily connect the hub to your already existing smart home for some added control.

To make these bulbs work, simply replace existing lights with the included A19 bulbs. The A19 fits in regular lamps and is probably the one you need the most. You'll have access to over 16 million color options, plus multiple different white lighting schemes. Thanks to the 3rd-generation technology, you'll find far more rich colors than previous versions of this kit.

Control the lights with your smartphone and a free app, or your voice and Amazon Alexa or another voice assistant. Each bulb lasts for over 25,000 hours, meaning that you'll save money compared to the costs of replacement bulbs before even factoring in the energy-saving LEDs that should lower your monthly power bill.

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