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Slingplayer for Kindle Fire due to land in Amazon Appstore tomorrow for $30

Slingplayer for Android devices has been around for a while now. Sadly for Kindle Fire owners and their lack of the Android Market, they haven't been able to indulge upto now. Jan. 31 is the day though, as Slingplayer for Kindle Fire will be arriving in the Amazon Appstore for $30.

Shown off at CES, the interface is pretty much the same as the handset version, and thankfully matches the same price point as its Android Market brother. Definitely a welcome addition to Amazon's media consuming tablet. Download will be available at the source link below from tomorrow. Until then we'll just have to wait patiently. 

Source: Amazon Appstore

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  • No, what the REAL rip-off is the fact that they’re charging you twice to use their service. People have already paid $150-ish for the SlingBox hardware and what-not, and then they want to charge you an additional $30 to use the slingbox for its intended purpose? I don’t agree with people pirating APKs but in this case, I would pirate this one if I had already paid for the SlingBox.
  • First app I pirated. I already paid $299 for the box, the software is free on a computer but $30 a pop more for a mobile device. Had it on iOS and now on Android. Phenomenal app but principle I'm not dishing out another $60. Sorry. Yea there may not be many updates but for the most part, it works the way it is right now. What differences do you guys want? Personally my only request would have been an ability to specify the exact bit rate and resolution like you can on the computer software.
  • I backed up the app from my phone using AppMonster and installed it on my Kindle Fire... Works just fine. There is no way in hell I am going to keep purchasing the same piece of software for every new device that comes out.
  • This is really just another reason Sling Media is a bad company. I am amazed that no one has tried to jump into this market. The whole setup really isn't that costly and they charge a huge premium. If you have an SD SlingBox with an iOS device and an Android device you are forced to pay $240 to use it on both devices. And if you are an Android user with a larger screen tablet the phone version is designed to look be less than optimal (as much as the tablet version is optimized for the larger screen). Not to mention it has been YEARS since they have even bothered to update the Android phone app. For $30 I expect probably 5 or 6 updates a year. Really disappointed with them. And they have no customer service when you ask why they have neglected us Android users (and Mac and iOS users).
  • There is another choice. I bought the $100 Vulkano Flow device. They still charge for the Android App, but it is $13 instead of $30. It works very well. I don't know how it compares to Sling, because I haven't used a Slingbox.
  • What puzzles me is why Google won't incorporate a similar service into Google TV hardware. Wouldn't it be a killer feature to have no-fuss streaming for your cable box to your Android phone or tablet?
  • The app is already in the Amazon App Store.
  • $30??? Are they kidding? The TiVo App is free.... what makes Sling think they are entitled to $30 to use an app on Android when for a desktop it is free???
  • Doesn't TiVo have a monthly subscription fee though?
  • Even stranger, Dish Network and Sling used share the same parent company (Echostar). My Dish DVR has sling server built in but renamed "TV Everywhere", and the Dish app ( which is free) plays all recorded and live content! Did I mention its a FREE app. I agree $30 is about 29 too many.
  • The $30 is what made me quit using Slongplayer. Double charging for the service is a slap in the face to it's customers. I bought the original and used it forever free on my laptop. With Googles 30% market cut, it would save users minimum $10, (if there really is addition costs,) if it was just incorporated into the original purchase price (which is what you would assume if you just bought it.) The app really is about $29.50 over priced for something that receives minimal effort/updates/support from the company. At least have a log in screen, for existing market purchasers. I'd rather pay $5/year for my computer and $5/year for phone streaming. What do they refund if you quit owning an Android phone?(Though I would never join the Dark side!)