Skype brings UI update for all, video calling for a few

Fire up Skype today, and you'll be greeted with a nicely redesigned user interface, as well as the ability to use SMS from Skype. But that's not the big feature the internet calling giant is really pimping. Video calling is finally officially here -- but only for a select few phones. Yeah, there's that leaked build that's been out for months. But if you've got any of the following phones (and this is going to hurt for most of us here in the U.S.), you can now officially make video calls. The support phones are:

  • HTC Desire S
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
  • Google Nexus S

Not exactly a comprehensive list, but things have to start somewhere, we suppose. Quick video and download links are after the break.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Got it for my Nexus S 4G; unfortunately, I can get audio to work but not video.
  • Why the restrictions on front-facing cameras? There's a standard API for that in Gingerbread.
  • I've tried contacting them several ways and times linking pages that show how to use the API in Gingerbread, they never respond or acknowledge they even receive it. It is so dumb they don't use the API it would make things a lot easier and have worked on so many more devices sporting both official and unofficial Gingerbread. Software Development has never been Skypes strong point on any platform. I don't even know why I get so pissed off when I see such crappy attempts knowing they could have done so much better.
  • I wonder if it'll work for Verizon's Xperia Play?
  • Love your running it on a Thunderbolt when the Verizon version still wont even open
  • The one gripe I have with Android is this phone by phone access to new features. I'm really not sure what the phone model has to do with compatibility. The focus should be more on if your running version 2.X.X of Android the app should allow you to run new features. It's almost like they are beta testing this way. If leaked builds are all over the place for rooted phones I don't understand why official releases aren't much quicker. For example the Thunderbolt which I own has had a gingerbread leaked build for months (as long as your rooted). You can run Netflix with it and I'm sure in a few hours this Skype video chat will be working however it's only stated that all this will be available sometime soon on Thunderbolt. Yes, I know 6/30 which is today is the rumored date but I doubt it will come true. Maybe in a few weeks even though it's been out in the developer world for months. Very strange in my view.
  • Fail. Doesn't work on Nexus S 4G
  • No support on tablet still wtf
  • Come on google
  • Meh... Once Microsoft bought Skype, I uninstalled. Video calling on Skype doesn't support my phone, so I don't need it. Skype already bought Quik and that already gives me video calling. Recently updated, by the way...
  • I guess this update removed support for the galaxy tab 10.1?
  • Shame its not for my sensation
  • They finally made signing out not a several-step process. Awesome.
  • That was always the most baffling thing. I have no idea what led them to do that. Does anyone know if it's like that on the iOS app as well? I would think that some of the more design-obsessed Apple users would have raised hell over it.
  • It still launches by default in spite of having no such preset in the settings. The only way to keep this thing from running is to kill it each time you boot, or just un-install it.
  • My wife and I both have NS4Gs and after updating both of our phones video still doesn't work
  • The post just says "Nexus S," not "Nexus S 4G." I wonder if the 4G version just isn't fully supported? It'd be very strange if only the T-Mobile version were supported, though...
  • That would suck!
  • I cant believe they didn't add video for android tablets
  • Has anyone tried it on a rooted Thunderbolt???
  • It does load, but no video.
  • Question: will video chat work if it's phone-to-computer chat? I have a Nexus S on T-mobile.
  • This is what happens when Microsoft gets involved... FAIL!
  • Let's be fair here...this isn't really on Microsoft. It's more of a continuation of Skype's original epic fail. I (and many others) have never had Skype video calling on my mobile devices. And now I still don't have it. Nothing has changed.