Skype for Android updated with custom ringtones, photo sharing between conversations

Skype for Android has received a pretty nice update today, bringing along some oft-requested features. Coming along in today's update are personalized ringtones and the ability to forward photos from your chats to other Skype users.

Users can now set custom ringtones for their contacts by going to a conversation and tapping "Ringtone options" on the lower right of the screen for that contact. From there, you select "Set custom ringtone" and you're off to the races. In addition, Skype users can now share photos shared in one conversation to another fairly easily. If you have a photo to share, just hold down on it in your conversation windows and then tap "Forward photo" to send it off to another person.

This update also includes the usual helping of bug fixes as well. If you'd like to check out the latest features in Skype for Android, hit up Google Play to grab today's update now.

Source: Skype